Puro Sentido is a path to find the essence capable of provoking a whole world of sensory experiences. We are handcrafters, we care of every detail and live in ecstasy with what we perceive through our five senses, we vibrate to the fullest with each stimulus; the sound of an instrument in the midst of quietness, the raw color that emerges by macerating a flower, the lightness of a ballerina, image creation in poetry, the essence expelled at the moment when an aromatic particle explodes.

We are a sensory brand that works together to awaken your sensibility with profound wellness emotions through the power of aromas. At the same time we care about your health with high quality antibacterial and disinfectant products. Apart from that, we provide olfactory and hygiene solutions for homes, we are passionate about sensory marketing. Our aroma laboratory and an infinite collection of musical options are some of the tools used to create scent and audio branding of a product or service, in other words, creating sensory identity. We do this so that companies can generate deep emotional bonds between the brand and their clients, improving the buying experience, positioning and remembrance and also wellness of employees.

Your buying experience will be remarkable due to the permanent and customized support and a broad range of products selected through strict criteria, and always focused on your health and wellness. At Puro Sentido you may breathe transparency, protection, trust and innovation, because all of our efforts are focused on your wellbeing.

Nicolás Borrero

CEO at Puro Sentido
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