Audio Marketing

Sounds impact the ear and get transmitted to the brain immediately, they are so powerful that they can change a person’s mood by creating associations with previously lived experiences.

Audio marketing gathers all the expressions and strategies that seek to attract clients by using music and sounds to promote consumerism and brand identity.

A good audio marketing strategy must perform at every sonic touchpoint with the client, for instance, the ambience music in shops, the voice from the on-hold phone machine, the radio spots or advertisement messages on the web, social media, television, radio, among others.

From this point on, we generate deep emotional bonds with the clients, by reinforcing the engagement and brand remembrance, and as a result promote the increase of sales at the location.

Empower your brand by implementing a strategy based on sounds so that your consumers will unconsciously recognize the brand, it is one of the most effective ways to promote relationships with them.

Key Facts of Audio Marketing


30% Increase in the possibility of recommendation by clients.


93% of collaborators prefers to work with ambience music than without it


73% of visitors affirms that waiting times decrease with ambience music


50% of visitors perceives the business as “Premium” when there is ambience music


50% of the visitors perceive the business as "premium" when it is ambient music


65% of entrepreneurs agrees that music helps to differentiate businesses


80% of clients prefers businesses where music is present

Ambience Music

How many times have you had to escape a shop just because the music was not appropriate?

Ambience music is about creating a specialized selection of songs by experienced music producers, with the objective of creating an interesting and homogeneous atmosphere, focusing on the different sales points and locations. This way we create memorable experiences for visitors and collaborators at the premises.

We have the right music for your space





Profusion io

The future of music for business is here with ProFusion IO Digital media manager, the system provides full control over your client’s listening experience. Profusion IO is powerful, flexible and a leading technology in the market, but accessible to any company.

Profusion IO allows companies and their clients to have a completely integrated musical experience. The device connects to an ambience sound system for the reproduction of music and audio content.

We create sensory experiences for your brand

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    Brands have 15 seconds or less to grab the
    attention of their customers

    Brands have 15 seconds or less to grab the attention of their customers. Starting with a unique and concise musical composition that intends to communicate the values and essence of the brand in a short period of time. This composition is created after analyzing the concept and characteristics of the brand, to be translated into rhythms, melodies, instruments or sounds. This way we improve remembrance and engagement. It may be used as a starter or ending of corporate messages, or even play it in your space through your own soundsystem.

    Audio Message

    An excellent public communication tool, consists of professional voice over messages with professional speakers which can be used as advertising, informative or commercial among other uses. They may be musicalized to tune up the message and on top of that, they may be programmed in your own sound system at different times during the day.

    We conceptualize and produce audio messages to adapt fully to the identity of your brand, thus achieving appropriate communication of your products or services in a direct and interesting way to your clients.


    On Hold Message

    The first approach in communication with your clients is essential to
    create trust and safety in your services.

    The On-Hold Message is the point of touch of the company with the customers that communicate via phone line. They are developed starting with a script that it’s created in collaboration between your brand and a specialized audio producer. It is a pristine recording of a professional voice over talent that will welcome and hold the calls of your clients while they are served by an agent.


    For example:
    “ Thank you for calling Puro Sentido, if you wish to reach management please press one…”

    Sound Systems

    Music has to reach clients in the most pleasant way possible. For this reason it is important to have a good sound system in the premises. The ideal system must have a homogeneous diffusion of the music in the places where the clients have access. Apart from that, it must reproduce in a balanced way all the frequencies in the sonic spectrum.

    Puro Sentido designs, installs and configures sound systems to the highest quality standards and adjusted to your specific needs.

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