¿ Do you want to create recall in your audience? 

The power of music and the senses mix to create a perfect relationship. This is how your company can also do it. At Purosentido we help you find your audience, the music that makes your client feel comfortable and the soundtrack that creates a relationship. The result is more time at your store, more frequent visits and pleasant surroundings to make purchases. Audio Marketing is the solution 


It is a solution based on unique and exclusive melodies that contains the essence of your brand in each note and sound. We create a unique auditory trace around your values.


We conceptualize and produce audio messages with stunning designs that reflect the nature of your Brand.


It is the solution to your brand, we customize it to your characteristics, and we help you increase your sales.

Curio Player

https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=573186510802&text=%20Me%20gustaría%20saber%20más%20acerca%20del%20Curio%20Player%20We offer a system that allows the distribution of auditory content curated specifically for your business, in accordance with your Brand values and the characteristics of your clients living a successful Audio Marketing experience

Purosentido Benefits.

We conceptualize brands in a current, entertaining, diverse and original sound landscape.

Audio Marketing 

Confidence, we answer your requirements in less than 24 hours. Innovation, we have strategic alliances of commercial music distribution.


Our guarantee

Excellence, our team has expert music producers that will help you achieve a strong and effective listening strategy.

after-sale service

We update your content for each season of the year. We develop regional Brandtracks to generate authentic and organic experiences


Organización Sayco Acinpro

Ofrecemos asesoría integral y tranquilidad en todos los temas relacionados con derechos de autor y licencias de reproducción publica de obras y producciones musicales en su negocio. Esto con el fin de cumplir todos los requisitos necesarios para disfrutar de una gran estrategia de marketing auditivo y evitar inconvenientes con las autoridades.



Ofrecemos apoyo y asesoria en la gestión de licencias de reproducción publica de obras audiovisuales ante la entidad de gestion de derechos audiovisuales (EGEDA), esta licencia es necesaria en caso de que su negocio cuente con pantallas, televisores o medios de reproducción audiovisual.



Our partnership with Play Network allows us to provide you with a unique experience, we curate music according to your needs and we offer you state-of-the-art equipment to create the best experience in your area.


 help you to musicalise your events, creating a unique listening experience for your proposal of brand activation or presentation of new products. We offer you the best technology available on the market in audio systems.


We design a unique and efficient voice experience for your brand, we record and create an audio menu of customer service according to your needs.


The service has seemed excellent, music is already appropriate for our stores. It is not like before we did that Youtube put together our folders and music played that was not suitable for our audience.

Paola Morales

Marketing Manager, Rouse Accesorios

Create your Brand Track

Design of the listening and musical experience at the point of sale. It is based on the creation of a playlist of artists and genres related to the brand, which is made from a Brief.

Performing rights management

Our In-store music solution, includes all the fees owed to performing rights organizations, public communication licences and all the fees that support artists, producers and composers into their craft.

Your Ideal spotify list

Auditory mark that aims to publicize the brand by means of sound, from a short musical piece of advertising 0 – 30 seconds.