Essential Oil Diffusers


Essential oil diffusers are used to disperse essential oils in an environment to experience the natural aroma of the oil and to reap benefits of the oil. They can be used in any kind of room and come in varying shapes, sizes, colors, and systems such as reed diffusers and electric diffusers, which require batteries or must be plugged in. Some run on tiny fans while others run on water.

An original and classic type of diffuser, which is still used today, involves immersing thin reed sticks in a glass jar containing an essential oil. Over time, the reed absorbs the oil, which gradually travels up the length of the stick and disperses the aroma throughout the room.

Fan diffusers have compartments that conceal absorbent essential oil pads, onto which a few drops of the oil must be added. Cool air blows through the pad, which then releases the oil into the air.

Diffusers that run with the help of water have tanks that need to be filled with water to which a few drops of essential oils need to be added. The diffuser sends out a stream of the vaporized essential oils from a certain point in the tank and this aromatic mist spreads slowly around the room.

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