How to use essential oils for headaches?


essential oils for headaches

Aromatherapy is something that we can explore with different purposes, all the benefits that we already know about it are only the start point of a very interesting way to improve our health, and give the environment where we are our touch of personality.

For a lot of people it is weird to think that the aromas have an effect on our health, even our mental health, but here we have an experiment to prove the power of our essential oils.

And we want to start with something commun, in any moment of our lives we can have a headache, and sometimes we do not want to or we can not take medicine,  at this moment you can go to the essential oils.

There are different headache types that we have to identify, for example, I have headache when I wake up in the morning, or only on one side of the head, so it is important that you go to the doctor and identify why you have constant headaches, and know which route to take to start to treat it.

What essential oil is good for headaches?

Peppermint essential oil 

This oil is one of the most common and effective to relieve headaches and migraines, one of the best medicine for a headache, in alternative medicine. The menthol has relaxing and analgesic properties, your muscles will be relaxed and you can relieve the pain in both your head and body.

Like an additional benefit, the peppermint oil aroma will improve your memory and concentration, so you can use it while you are working.

How to use it?

Mix it with a base oil (like coconut oil) and apply it at temples with a massage for ten minutes to see results.

Lavender essential oil

Is one of the kings when we talk about stress relief, The Medical Sciences of Shiraz University in Iran, prove the effectiveness of the lavender essential oil on the treatment of migraines.  

If you want to know more about the lavender essential oil and its benefits, we recommended you: Lavender essential oil, everything you need to know

How to use it?

There are a lot of ways to use this oil to take advantage of its benefits: 

  • You can apply it directly on the skin.
  • Use an aroma diffuser and enjoy the aroma approximately for 15 minutes to see results. 

We recommend our Moderatto aroma diffuser 

  • Take a warm bath and add some drops to the water.
  • Add some drops to a glass of water, (warm or cold) and drink it.
  • Use cold compresses with a couple drops of the oil and place it on your face. 
Tip: Mix it with some peppermint oil drops and enjoy the benefits of both oils. 

Eucalyptus essential oil

If your headaches are for nasal congestion or are a sinus headache, the eucalyptus oil is perfect for you.

This oil will help you to clear sinuses, and eliminate the nasal tension that causes the headache.

Also if you have a cough the eucalyptus oils will help you with the inconveniences. 

How to use it?

You can apply a couple of drops in your chest, remember that before apply it, you have to mix it with a base oil, like coconut oil, or if you prefer, use an aroma diffuser, 

Tip: For more benefits, you can mix it with peppermint oil and do the aromatherapy (use a diffuser).

Rosemary essential oil

The antiinflammatory properties of this oil are perfect for those people that have chronic headaches or migraines. Rosemary oil has been used for years to reduce stress, dismiss the pain and improve the blood circulation and blood pressure.

How to use it?

You can use it directly on the affected zone, also you can have a relaxing bath with a couple drops of this essential oil.

If you like the taste, you can also take a warm infusion before going to sleep, or in the moment that you have a headache.   

Chamomile essential oil

The chamomile oil has a relaxing power, so you can use it to treat the tension headaches, calm down the anxiety feelings and insomnio that are the cause of the headache.

How to use it?

The best way to take advantage of the benefits of this oil is to use an aroma diffuser or take a warm bath with some drops on the water.

If you prefer, you can apply some drops directly on your skin, but it is better to breathe it. 

Ylang Ylang essential oil

The oil of this exotic flower has relaxing properties that make it useful in the treatment of the headache for tension, also improve the blood circulation, favor the normal breath and help to dismiss the anxiety feelings.  

How to use it?

Apply some drops on your hands and massage your forehead every 20 minutes until the pain is gone.

Before to start

In general all oils are safe, however, it is important that every unusual reaction or side effects with the use of any oil, you go to the doctor, check if you do not have allergic reactions or irritations, all before to apply some oil on your skin or take a warm bath.

You just have to apply one little drop on your skin and wait for 24 hours. If you do not have an unusual reaction, it is easy to use.

If you want to use the essential oil on your skin at the first time we recommend that you mix it with a base oil that could be coconut oil. Wait for one or two days and if you do not have any reaction you can use it like we advise you.

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