My experience with the Maqui


By: Silvana Piedrahíta

For me, the aromatization of the home had always been through the use of incenses and pressurized air freshener that I could find in any supermarket. Bathrooms, on the other hand, had their own solutions with products that are installed directly into the toilet bowl, or with pressure mechanisms that would have to be applied once the work done there has been completed.

I was used to having several scents in my house; one area smelled of essences from India, while another smelled of peaches or any other sanitary scent that could be associated with having gone to the bathroom. I could say it was a fragrance medley and I thought those scents were the best solutions for my needs.

One day, I was told about a diffuser for homes that I could use with the fragrance I desired, with aromatherapy and chromotherapy included.

Legend says that there is a magic stone in the prairies of the West which is able to absorb some of the rainbow and fragrances of all kinds of flowers after the refreshing summer rain. Over time, the stone acquires powers and when touched gently, releases particles of colors and aromas of petals.


It was then that I was introduced to the Maqui my magic stone, the one that would transform the olfactory experience in my home, that would not only stop being a simple solution to problems, but also become an indispensable element that would create its own atmosphere and would make me feel so different that I would not recognize the same fragrance in the houses of my acquaintances.

I took it to my apartment with joy, I followed the instructions and in less than 3 minutes I had it working. The process is very easy: you lift the lid, fill it with water with the container that comes inside the box, you put 3-4 drops of fragrance in or more, depending on each person’s preference, it closes again, connects and with two clicks on the power button it starts to work. After five minutes, I could smell  the aroma all over the place, I immediately noticed how the atmosphere felt different and how I felt good when I smelled that aroma.

I left it on because I wanted to know how long it lasted and what would happen when the liquid ran out. After 6 hours, my stone emitted two beeps and went off alone; this reassured me that I could leave my home without worrying about having it on, and the device lasted longer than any other element, more than an incense, much more than a fragrance burner and it is also very safe.

I wanted to continue conducting tests with El Maqui, so I took it to my parents' house where the smell of cigarettes is a constant. I knew that for my mom it is difficult to dispel that aroma and that the solutions she had tried so far did not have the effects that she expected. If my stone worked there, it would really be magical. I gave them a few days to see how they felt, after a week I returned to visit and asked them about their experience. My mom was happy, her house no longer smelled of cigarettes; she could not believe that every time she opens the door, she perceives a pleasant smell, a fragrance that invites you to follow it. On my behalf, I could say the same, I did not smell my parents' house like it always has, now it smelled good and I wanted to stay, which did not happen to me before.

My intention is to acquire other fragrances , play with the possibilities they offer, understand what purpose each one is for and use them according to my mood.

Undoubtedly, The Maqui is a sensory experience; it is more than aromatizing a house, it is more than removing the bad smell, it is for producing a pleasing atmosphere, it is a way of feeling good.  

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