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The world of fragrances is infinite, not only because of the countless options of scents that exist, but because the perception of a single fragrance changes from one person to another. Smells create a link between our scent and the person who perceives it; a relationship that can last a lifetime, as it is proven that olfactory memory is one of the strongest and long-lasting.

Although the incredible power of the sense of smell is no secret to anyone, it is important to give attention to this sense when generating emotional connections with our consumer in the business world. This is why we have become passionate about researching the effect of scent on people and analyzing the interaction that occurs between the two. From that passion arises the need to dedicate ourselves to olfactory marketing, through which we can apply everything we achieve to help create positive relationships.

Your brand communicates trough different channels. It communicates trough pragmatical, rational and also sensory and emotional means. The more means you reach, the more solid your strategy becomes, achieving the desired link between the products or services that you offer and your consumers. Specializing in olfactory marketing means ackwnowledging the way aromas influence the perception of your consumers through their sense of smell, and being able to design effective strategies according to the needs of the brand. We know that a perfume can express what you want to say, for that reason the selection of a scent logo or special aroma for your spaces, events or objects should not be done lightly.

As explained by the expert perfumist Esneda Vela, from CPL Aromas in this first video, a fragrance can be pleasant for one person but uncomfortable to another. It is necesary to study the target audience, the personality of the brand and understand the behaviour of the essences. Only through this way it is possible to find the maximum relationship between all of them and manage to interpret it into an exclusive aroma that will represent you. Puro Sentido has at your disposal a laboratory of aromas with thousands of essences, a great variety of diffusers and a group of professional experts that will guide you to explore the infinite world of fragrances.

Did you know that there are seven olfactory families to classify aromas according to their qualities? Have you ever thought that to compose a fragrance you need to take into account three types of aromatic notes? Do you know which is the best way to select a Scent Logo for your brand?


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