Tea Tree oil: How to use it in your home?


The tea tree oil, or the melaleuca tree, is a bush of Australian origin that could grow up to 17 feet. It has close leaves and its flowers are white, and it looks like little pompoms at the end of the branches. The essential oil of this plant is obtained from the distillation of the flowers and leaves, and in addition to the pure use of the oil, it is also known as a popular ingredient in detox or purifying lines of personal care products. 

This plant has a lot of benefits for the heath, it has antiseptic, antifungal,and antibiotic properties, also is used in makeup and skincare products. One of the most popular presentations of this plant is the essential oil, since it can be used in multiple ways.

The name of tea tree was given by the English captain James Cook in the year 1770 when he observed that the aborigines of the area prepared an infusion with its crushed leaves that they used to relieve coughs and sore throats, in addition to applying them directly on the skin. Skin to heal wounds, insect bites, skin infections and burns.

What are benefits of tea tree oil?

It has a lot of benefits, especially on health and beauty. As we said, it has antiseptic, antifungal,and antibiotic properties, that help us to fight with problems like scalp, dry skin, bad breath, even insect repellent.  

Its relaxing and purifying properties makes this oil a very good option to use in aromatherapy sessions or in the treatment of a cold. It is important to use pure oil to take advantage of all the benefits that we are going to tell you next. 

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Uses of the tea tree oil

Tea tree for skin problems

It is very common, specially in adolescence we come across cases of acne, perhaps difficult to treat, to prevent scars from appearing after bothering the infections, it is recommended to apply a little oil to the skin; the oil penetrates the sebaceous glands and dries out pimples and blackheads.

It is not necessary that you use it directly on your skin, just in the affected zone, also you can apply some drops in a cotton and mix it with micellar water or a tonic.

It is also very common that as a result of waxing or shaving, the skin becomes very irritated. To this we recommend applying a moisturizer with a few drops of tea tree oil on the skin, this will relax the skin, help with inflammation and irritation; it is because of these properties that you can also use it in case of minor burns or prolonged exposure to the sun.

To avoid foot fungus

With the antifungal properties, this oil is perfect for those people that are very prone to have fungus. For the treatment, you can prepare a warm bath for your feet and add some drops in the water or apply directly on the affected area.  

This solution is effective, not only for fungus that appears on the skin and bad foot odor, but also for fungus that commonly appears on the nails, in this case, it is recommended to apply the oil drops directly to the affected nail.

Like a home cleaner

Tea tree oil can be used as a very effective disinfectant, just add 10 drops of the oil in 750 ml of water, you can use it to only clean the dust, or if you have mold problems, this recipe is perfect to eliminate it. You can use this cleaning mixture to clean your bathroom or kitchen if you add baking soda, to prevent mold and fungus in these parts of the house that, due to their humidity, can be more prone to the appearance of fungus. 

You can also add small drops diluted in the detergent to improve the aroma of the clothes or if it is the case, disinfect it.

Tea tree benefits for hair

Tea tree oil helps hair growth by unclogging hair follicles and penetrating directly into the root of the hair, nourishing it right where it matters most.

To enjoy this benefit, apply it by massaging the area with your fingertips so that the root absorbs it.

To alleviate the symptoms of dandruff and dry scalp, you can add a couple of drops of the oil to your favorite shampoo, or dilute tea tree oil in vegetable oil and apply it as a hair marker once a week. 

For children, who are more likely to have lice, you can prepare an infusion of this plant and wash the hair with it to drive them away.

In addition to stimulating growth, tea tree or melaleuca oil can be the best ally for people with curly hair, since it moisturizes the hair, leaves it shiny and improves the texture and shape of the curls.

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Pet care

The oil can be used as an antiseptic for small wounds of our pets, but it is also a very effective insect repellent for fleas and ticks, you can make an infusion and bathe your pet or add a few drops to the shampoo and bathe him as you normally do.

We recommend spraying a little of the oil on the pet's bedding to avoid bad odors.

Uses of the tea tree oil in diffuser 

Using tea tree essential oils in a diffuser is a very useful way to repel insects, since the diffuser disperses the oil in the rooms and has more and better results.  

If you use the diffuser in a closed room your skin and your lungs can take advantage of all benefits of tea tree essential oil, you can relieve various discomforts, especially on the skin, such as those mentioned above, clean the air, help relieve symptoms of cough, sinusitis, nasal congestion, bronchitis, rash discomfort, or measles. 

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Contraindications of the tea tree oil

Very sensitive skin probably has some reactions like itchy, irritation, dermatitis, dryness. If this is your case, consult with your doctor.

To avoid allergy hazards, we recommend doing a very small test on the skin, applying a drop to the forearm and observing if there is a reaction.

To avoid the contraindications of this product, we recommend doing a solution with water or base oil.  

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