How to choose the best scent diffusers for home?


How to choose the best scent diffusers for home?

Having a pretty house and feeling some place like home involves good decoration, good furniture and, something that people forget, but the aroma is a fundamental part of a pleasant environment.

There are a lot of ways to have a good smell in your house like floor fresheners, keeping windows open, or baking cakes daily, but the trendy and the easiest that have the same or better results, is to use an essential oil diffuser.

The diffuser is a machine that helps to disperse in the air little particles of the oil that we choose, giving us a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

The benefits of having an aroma diffuser in your home are:

  • The most popular scent diffuser use, is the aromatherapy.
  • It helps us to have a better sleep, because it is not noisy. 
  • Provide a feeling of warmth and a more pleasant atmosphere.
  • You can use it without aroma, only the water.
  • You can have an elegant decorative object.
  • Perfect to have a relaxing and calm place.

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Features of the scent machine for home

  • Deposit of essences:

    The size of the deposit depends on the type of the diffuser, here is where you place the essential oil and the water. With the diffuser, you can enjoy the fragrance for days without worrying about recharging the diffuser.
  • Easier recharging:

    You just need oil for the diffuser and some water, usually, the deposit has easy access, mix the liquids, and enjoy.
  • Function control:

Generally, the scent diffuser has an on/off button, and a timer to regulate how many hours that it works, also you can regulate the amount of the sprinkles, If you want a dense or fine mist.


If you have a modern diffuser, you may have an auto power off sensor, when it is empty and when the time of functioning is over.

  • Type of battery:

    You can find a normal electrical power supply, with cable, and recharging batteries, that you can charge with a USB connector, these are more portable and practical.

Types of diffusers

  • Ultrasonic diffusing, which works with ultrasonic vibrations.
  • Heat diffusers, which use a candle to heat the oil, generally have a beautiful design .
  • Evaporative, works with a ventilation mechanism.
  • Nebulizer, works with an atomization mechanism.
  • Stick diffusers, which need bamboo sticks and oil, it looks good, but it doesn't last long.

How to use scent diffuser?

  1. Place the diffuser where there are not many objects blocking air travel, we recommend placing it in the center of the room, perfect for the scent and design of your room. Remember to keep the diffuser on a flat surface to avoid accidents while the diffuser is working.
  2. Find the deposit of your diffuser. Some diffusers just need the oil, but generally you add some room temperature water until the capacity of the deposit.
  3. Then add 3 to 10 drops of the essential oil of your preference, (with more drops to intensify the scent), then mix it and close the deposit.
  4. Make sure the deposit is properly closed.
  5. Turn on your scent diffuser and configure the options you have available.

Now that you know how essential oil diffusers work, it is time to talk about the aromatic oil for diffuser.

You can mix different oils if you want, to find the perfect home fragrance for your needs.

If you ask, are oil diffuser safe for pets? Here is the answer.

For example, if you want a fresh atmosphere you can use citrus oils, if you want an energetic aroma, you can mix lemon, peppermint, and Rosemary oils.

If you want an aroma that fits perfect with the winter, you can mix cinnamon, ginger and orange.

If you want a summer scents mix, use lavender, grapefruit, lemon and green mint.

For colds, you can mix peppermint and eucalyptus. And if you feel dry airways, you can use the air diffuser with oils like vanilla, lavender or clove, even the diffuser without oil.

With all this information, you will know which is the type of diffuser and aroma that will fit perfectly with you and your home.



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