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Olfactory Logo

We create amazing olfactory marketing experiences and unforgettable moments for your brand. Through the olfactory logo or as Odotype is also known, your client can identify your brand or differentiate it quickly creating a state of trust and frequent recall.


With Olfactory Logo for companies the volume of sales is increased and income is increased by up to 20%. How does it work ? It is very easy to create an olfactory logo with which you identify with your target audience. according to their age, music, way of thinking, habits and we spread it through aroma diffusers, these aromas create an immediate memory and a memory in the mind of the consumer creating a link and brand differentiation.

Purosentido.co works hand in hand with the Marketing department of the companies to find that sensory strategy and build the unique and exclusive aroma of its brand. which you can impregnate in your products. packaging or in your own store as the case of success of KOAJ Colombia.

We love being at the forefront of global trends, inquiring about Scent Marketing and its effectiveness to improve sales.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Marketing Manager, Koaj


The aromas become sensory protagonists, connecting us with the instinctive nature. The olfactory logo is an effective tool to reach your customers.


Through smell people experience positive sensations, consider the time spent in a space flavored by this remains for longer.


Emotions are 75% caused by smell, not by sight, for this reason working in an aromatized environment leads to improve the mood considerably


A product with a specific aroma links people with a brand. it manages to channel strategies based on senses that generate remembrance and emotion.



Leave in your clients breathing your brand at every moment and immediately recognizing your Olfactory logo when going anywhere.


Active work team with a pleasant attitude always increases their quality of work

  • Brand recall 60% 60%
  • Sales increase 30% 30%
  • Stay in Store 40% 40%
  • Increase in Productivity 50% 50%
  • Brand Differentiation 70% 70%


It is only one of the benefits that Olfactory Marketing allows for your brand, generating brand recall and impulse.