Green Fragrances

We select the best aromas exposed by nature, and under strict control, we extract unique and powerful green fragrances that take the senses to places and unforgettable moments. natural essences create well-being, peace and tranquility within your work spaces and rest.

caribbean breeze

There is no better feeling for body and spirit than to feel the delicate breeze of the ocean with its fruity and oceanic notes you will feel the freedom crossing every inch of the body away from worries.

Green Tea

You will feel nature at its best! Its aroma transports you to a field day and complete disconnection from everything worldly. You will purify the environment and achieve greater concentration, thanks to its herbaceous and organic notes.


Get more productivity in your day to day thanks to the magic of the Verbena. It will fill your days with energy and vitality, away from stress and tension. Its herbal and aromatic aroma will captivate you!


Its combination of sweet and fresh notes make this aroma a sensory delight transporting mind and body to a space full of complete harmony.

My Renta Car business is demanding and my clients always notice the aromas inside the vehicles. Contacting with PuroSentido helped me to change the business perspective as this is an added value for my service.

Javier Amores

ceo, eco-driver


Andres León

Andres León

Sales manager

Specialist in Olfactory Marketing





Essential oils

It is well said that nature is wise. Our process of developing 100% natural essential oils helps create environments full of aromas. which provide harmony, peace, well-being in the places where they are exposed, thus creating a unique experience in the senses.