Tenuto wifi Diffuser + Aroma Oil 120ml
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Tenuto wifi Diffuser + Aroma Oil 120ml

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Diffuser Tenuto  + fragrance 100ml


Mostly used in bathrooms and small spaces due to its practical and small size, which makes it easy to transport, managing to create comfortable and pure environments, it has a range of up to 200m2.

Applications: Lobby halls, Homes, Commercial Shops, Waiting Rooms, Offices.

Source of energy: Electricity

Type: Cold fog humidifier

Humidity control: Manual

Color: White

Coverage: 200 m2

Coverage: 2152 ft2

Fragrance bottle: 100ml



You will achieve active senses, control your emotions and give dynamism to each day. You will escape from the routine to be enveloped by its purity and freshnes


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