Allegro + 120ml Aroma Oil
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Allegro + 120ml Aroma Oil

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Allegro Diffuser + 120ml Aroma Oil 


Short description

With Allegro Aroma diffuser you will uplift your spaces in an elegant and technological way through its BLUETOOTH capabilities. Silent but powerful operation, "Allegro" will provide quality aroma to your living room, bedroom or office. This Aromatic Oil Diffuser will preserve all the properties of your essential oils and fragrances.

Key Characteristics

  • Covers up to 430.5 ft2, bluetooth
  • 4 easily adjustable strength options.
  • This device does not require water. Just fill it with aroma oil and choose your preferred mode. The smart mode ensures it only runs when the room has sufficient lighting. The 24 hour mode keeps it smelling great around the clock.



 Bring that premium scent right to your home, office, or business.

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