French lavender Essential Oil


Puro Sentido French lavender Essential oil for Diffusers


This fragrant oil has a floral, herbaceous, fresh scent with a balsamic woody undertone. Its floral and herbaceous qualities combined with its balsamic, woody undertone are reputed to produce a peaceful, soothing, and grounding effect.

Specifications "This fragrance oil is free of: Paraben, Phthalate, Lyral, and Lilial.


 Top Notes: French Lavender. 
Middle Notes: Jasmine, White Tea. 
Base Notes: Musk, Amber."

Inspiration / mood:
She smiled, having picked a lovely, fragrant bouquet of Lavender from the French countryside.

When it's time to close your day, when too many things have happened, and you need to integrate, when it is time to be with and care for yourself, French lavender is the scent. Arise thoughts of serenity with that delicate purple hue and earthy floral scent. Indulge and relax allowing this sensual, sophisticated aroma, while something sweet and camphorous wraps around your space.

Benefits and uses:
Fragrance Oils are the scented oils that are created to be added to products such as scented candles, household cleaners, room sprays, air fresheners, and vaporizers in order to give them pleasant, distinctive aromas. When used in aromatherapy, this mild sedative is reputed to reduce stress by relaxing the brain waves.

Create a scented candle or a unique perfume
Create a natural room spray/air freshener by diluting the Fragrance Oil in a spray bottle of water.
Give a new scent to or refresh the scent of old potpourri, car air fresheners, artificial plants, real live odorless flowers, and fabrics with stale odors
Diffuse during spiritual practices, such as meditation or prayer.

Create scented cosmetics, massage oils or household products (use only skin-safe FOs)" In a careful process, fragrance designers develop each Fragrance Oil by selecting the Essential Oils or other aromatic chemical compounds that blend well together and then by determining the ideal amount of each oil for the particular theme that is intended to be captured for the resultant blend.

Though some Fragrance Oils might not necessarily be entirely natural or volatile, they can still have the ability to uphold the same quality as Essential Oils and can sometimes exude stronger, longer-lasting aromas. Fragrance Oils can be either 100% synthetic, or they can be comprised of up to 80% Essential Oils.

Fragrance Oils contribute pleasant scents to products and often conjure positive memories or trigger positive associations with their scents. Furthermore, they capture unique as well as everyday scents that cannot be found in nature. Through a blend of various aromatic compounds, they are able to synthesize scents that are human-made, such as the aromas of foods, both the naturally aromatic foods as well as the odorless ones."

Our brand:
We are a brand that works every day to develop the best aroma products for your spaces. We are passionate artisans about recreating each aroma in the world so that you can enjoy and explore your favorite fragrance oils at home in the most pure and natural way. The selection of our products and the design of our processes is always aware of the environmental and human impact and tries to reduce it as much as possible. 100% Pure, Natural, High Quality, Unadulterated and Therapeutic Grade Lavender Essential Oil. Manufactured at an ISO, Kosher and Vegan certified facility. Animal cruelty-free product. Non-GCMS Tested.

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