Puro Sentido by Scentrade



It is the concept of relating a brand, a product or a campaign with a specific aroma. Doing so creates a sensory experience that directly impacts the emotional brain of people, founding a memory and a desire to buy.

Scent Marketing

Through the aromas we impact the sense of smell to provoke positive stimuli that last over time. we use olfactory marketing as a commercial strategy and personalize your home with exclusive scents.


We develop a scent specially designed to represent your brand, so we create a unique commercial experience that generates greater attention to the products, high recall, increasing your sales by up to 20%.


Through the aromas we cover spaces that create brand recall creating unique experiences in your customers to support the activation of your brand. creating an increase in your sales and creating trust with your client.


Discover our portfolio of fragrances and enjoy the aromatic sensations you never imagined. We guarantee that from us the fragrance will be commercialized and distributed exclusively for those who obtain this right.


We offer a range of unique aromatic diffusers with high durability and quality that flavor any space, whether large or small request a test without any commitment



The olfactory personalized products are ideal to share with your customers. Olfactory memories create a bond of trust, security and empathy. Where the result is a fidelity for your brand and your sales.

In PS by scentrade we live sensory experiences, for this reason we want to make our experiences available to our clients in order to generate unique moments in their clients.

All products are personalized with the brand, design, labeling and packaging of the Customer. Candles, Antibacterial Gels, Splash’s, Spray’s, Perfumes, Creams, Lotions, Reed Diffusers, C’est Fini, aromatic inks, aromatic flowers. We work from product design, fragrance design and graphic design.

  • WHAT WE SMELL 35% 35%
  • OF WHAT WE TRY 15% 15%
  • OF WHAT WE SEE 5% 5%
  • WHAT WE TOUCH 1% 1%

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