Our sense of smell has the capacity to remember aromas, this allows us to create strong remembrance bonds that will awaken emotion in our clients and for this reason, a direct relationship between them and the brand.

How to make your brand identity stand out through olfactory marketing?
At Puro Sentido, we will develop a customized aroma that will represent your brand, based on a clear image and objectives of the company and the experiences that are to be transmitted. The appropriate aromas will be the ones in charge of strengthening and empowering the brand identity and remembrance, by engraving an olfactory trace that endures time.

What we do


Increase the time of visit at the sales point

A space with a pleasant aroma and scent marketing strategies, generates a spontaneous and pleasant feeling, allowing the increase to up to 15% in the desire of staying for a longer time at the sales point. Moreover, increments up to 25% in sales have been reported due to the improvement of user experiences and creating value relationships between the product or services and the senses, promoting remembrance.


Increase of productivity

One of the things that encourage increasing higher levels of productivity is concentration.
By using Scent marketing appropriately, an improvement in this aspect will be achieved, especially among the collaborators of the establishment and as a result, take the brand through the road to success.
Aromas stimulate concentration, reducing by 20% the mistakes of the personnel that are present in the establishment.


Increase of Sales

Companies that use scent marketing strategies report 25% increase in their sales, by improving their user experiences and generation of relationships between the product or service and the senses. Promoting remembrance and fidelization with the brand.


Influence the purchase decision

84% of people make the final decision of accessing a shop after perceiving a pleasant smell, which will arrive completely due to the use of aroma diffusers, moreover, scent marketing has the capacity to influence directly not only the access to the shop, but also the purchase decision of a product or service.

Olfactory Logo

How to give your brand a distinctive factor? At Puro Sentido we develop the aroma that will represent and transmit your brand based on its values, objective market and identity. This is the best way to increase remembrance and top-of-mind.

To achieve the correct involvement of all the benefits of scent marketing, it is vital that the olfactory logo includes all the exclusive elements that will differentiate the brand from the competition and also project the corporate identity of the brand. The brand not only has to smell good, but also be remembered for its uniqueness.

How many times have you had an image in your head brought back after perceiving certain aromas? At Puro Sentido we use tools provided by Scent Marketing to study every aspect that characterizes your brand, through this, we create a unique olfactory logo or brand aroma that represents your identity the best way.

We begin by analyzing your brand, its values and key aspects, the image that needs to be projected. This way we find out the main aspects that are imperative in the creation of the Olfactory Logo. After that, we study thoroughly every aspect of the corporate identity. We have a broad portfolio that includes over 2500 aromas and essential oils, to collaborate with you in the creation of the exact blend of scents that best represent your brand. Our team of experts will analyze the structure, objectives, colors, shapes, sounds, tone of the communication and market segment and we will choose each ingredient that will compose what will be from now on your olfactory identity.

Moreover, we certify the exclusive use of this creation for your brand, you can be certain of the guarantee and exclusivity certification of the aroma. Our strategies are based on extracting the uniqueness of a brand and making it shine through that. After creating your olfactory logo, you may implement this scent on merchandising material, or as a fragrance to provide the right ambience to any space you can imagine.

How we do it

We visit and analyze in person the space that you would like to aromatizar, we will guide you through a specific and effective strategy to identify the aroma diffuser that better adapts to your needs. You may choose from our broad catalogue and will always find the best technology.

After the strategic selection for its implementation, we will provide the continuous maintenance to the devices (Aroma Diffusers), on a rental mode, or we will guide you to perform the appropriate adjustments on sale mode.

We provide all the support since installation and will follow up continuously on your olfactory marketing strategy to guarantee its success.

Our Experience


During our 15 years of experience

+ 1

we have worked with more than 200 brands, generating unique experiences on each of them.


We have presence
in 6 countries



Aroma Diffusers

Our latest technology aroma diffusers will support the scent marketing strategies of your brand, by placing them strategically so that the client will perceive them at their fullest, this way we will stimulate the purchase decisions and aroma association with your brand identity.

We will advise on the aroma diffuser that adapts best to your objectives, in first place we will visit and analyze in person the space that you wish you aromatize, after that we will propose the strategic location to install the aroma diffusing devices and in this way we guarantee, that with the appropriate scheduling and programming, the aroma will be perceived homogeneously throughout every inch of the space. We will guide you through a concrete and  effective strategy to be recognized at the moment of perceiving the aroma; after a strategic selection for its implementation, we identify which one of our aromatic designs will adapt best to the concept and style of your brand, or if you prefer, we will create a new one from scratch.

Moreover, once the devices have been installed, we will take charge in the continuous maintenance of the equipment if they have been taken in rental mode, or we will guide you to perform the necessary adjustments in purchase mode. We provide full guidance, starting with the installation and will make continuous follow up of your strategy to monitor and guarantee its success.

Success Cases