Are you finding yourself remodeling your home or are you looking for a scent that can fit perfectly? – The most important part of your home is well-being, finding a perfect scent for you, a style of design that suits your tastes and a space that is perfect to meet your needs.

The aroma as all art requires the recognition of space as an object that expresses our personality, in this entry you will find 3 scents and some details that can help you choose your favorite.






They have admiration as a metaphor, a dedicated and well-designed home can be flavored with the power of this type of notes. If you are a person who is interested in fashion, trending topics and you are sensitive to your surroundings, we recommend specifically the MAGNOLIA with its citrus notes will give a touch of freshness to your spaces.


2. Woody


They evoke independence and greatness, with notes reminiscent of forests. The homes that seek to resort to a remembrance of the forests and that is related to people in search of objectives, to vibrate with their daily activities, if you are a person who likes outdoor activities and enjoy freshness, this type of notes is perfect for you. In our scents family you can enjoy MUSK, the perfect conjugation of life and freedom.



3. Herbal


Generate spaces full of freshness and organized, people who like a home full of details and love the freshness of organic, can take advantage of this type of aromas. These essences are completely recommended for family spaces and that seek to generate environments full of well-being. The freshness of GREEN ENERGY, allows you to achieve an energetic and full of vitality home.