Olfactory experiences

Scent marketing generates emotional impact and high remembranceif its essence is transmitted adequately. Given that Olfactory branding emerges from creating a more profound identity of the brand to match everything that it means to its customers. We do it through olfactory logos, scent air machines, personalized scented products, scent air, aroma events among other sensory strategies that require connection with the consumer.


Auditory experiences

Marketing strategies that integrate audio branding are the foundation of positioning, loyalty and architecture of the brand. For that reason, ome of the basic techniques of audio marketing are audio messages, ambience music and audio logos. These are the most reliable ways not only to reach customers but making them remember us.



We have a focus on offering through our shop all those products that we have found as tools to transform and improve the daily life. For this reason, we invite you to take care of your phisical health with high performance antibacterials and disinfectants, also, protect your emotional welbeing with a varied selection of pure essential oils, difussers and sound systems for all kinds of spaces.


We are strategic partners of KOAJ, through the creation of an olfactory logo that represents them today as a brand. Nowadays, their aroma is the best audio marketing example where they have presence. We are very proud to be part of this success story and to create unmatchable scent experiences.

Puro Sentido demonstrates once more the success of sensory marketing. This time at Atlantis Plaza shopping mall, by creating sensory experiences with scent marketing. Discover how to do it at your company.



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