How do we do it?

We study the essential aspects that identify your brand and create the sounds and melodies that will give life to your auditory logo

With our team of experts we guide these values to the notes and melodies that are best suited and certify the exclusive use of sound design for your brand.

With the creation of your auditory logo you unconsciously generate an important positioning in the minds of the consumers that walk through your establishment.

Increase of permanence at the point of sale
31% of customers return to the store if they liked the music they played
Sales increase
41% of customers who listen to an audio commercial in the store will make a purchase they did not have planned.
Aumento de confianza
70% De los clientes perciben una imagen positiva y confiable del negocio cuando tienen música en su tienda.
Aumento de recordación
El 72% de la población busca recuerda una marca cuando percibe su audio logo

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Success stories

As KOAJ’s strategic allies we created an olfactory logo that represents them as a brand. After a thorough process of creation and implementation, their aroma is highly remembered and valued by its consumers. Today their aroma is the best example of olfactory marketing in the countries where it operates. We are proud to be part of this success story and to create unique olfactory experiences!

This was the result of a successful sensory strategy where Puro Sentido implemented OMA’s characteristic aroma at bus stops generating impact on the streets of Bogotá and enticing passersby to try their new OMA coffee with BAILEYS

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