How do we do it?

We personally visit and study the space you want to aromatize by guiding you with a timely and effective strategy so your brand is identified as soon as the aroma is perceived.

After the strategic choice for its implementation, we take care of the continuous maintenance of the equipment in rental modality or we guide you to make the necessary adjustments in sales modality.

We provide all the support from installation and we continuously monitor your olfactory strategy to ensure its success.

Increase of permanence at the point of sale
An atmosphere with a good aroma generates a feeling of comfort and spontaneity, increasing the desire to stay longer by up to 15%.
Increase in Productivity
Aromas stimulate concentration, reducing the errors of the staff working in the establishment by up to 20%
Sales increase
Companies that implement olfactory strategies report increases of up to 25% in their sales.
Increase in the purchase decision
84% of people make the final decision to enter a store when they perceive a good aroma.


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As KOAJ’s strategic allies we created an olfactory logo that represents them as a brand. After a thorough process of creation and implementation, their aroma is highly remembered and valued by its consumers. Today their aroma is the best example of olfactory marketing in the countries where it operates. We are proud to be part of this success story and to create unique olfactory experiences!

This was the result of a successful sensory strategy where Puro Sentido implemented OMA’s characteristic aroma at bus stops generating impact on the streets of Bogotá and enticing passersby to try their new OMA coffee with BAILEYS

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