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Why do we like more places that play music? – Audio Marketing

Believe it or not, the existing link between the ear and the human brain is narrower than we may have thought, since music and certain sounds are connected with the emotions and reactions prompting your neurons to go into a state of alertness due to the perception of sound.

For this reason using audio marketing you will feel emotions of tranquility in spaces such as beauty salons and spas, the soft and subtle sounds can produce soothing feelings in the brain, and they will make you enter into a state of relaxation. Similar experiences will happen in restaurants, retail shops, supermarkets and other commercial establishments, however different states will be evoked, by making you feel pleasant in the space and incite you to come back frequently due to the use of music in their establishments. Making music or sounds a part of this space is not simply to avoid silence, but to create a comfortable space for people that visit and to the people that work in it, so that they will have unique experiences and higher remembrance of the atmosphere. weather by the use of sound, the visual part, customer service or other strategies, in contrast to other places that do not generate any type of emotion during the time of the visit.

It is not just a matter of playing music in the spaces, as in the case of companies and brand this things have to be linked to objectives and the emotions that we may want to persuade on people when they perceive the sound and for this reason the attitudes that they will perform with the aid of an adequate and effective sonic atmosphere.

Another instance to be considered, its that music generates emotional connections between the people that gather together in the same space, because the neurons of every person begin to be stimulated, creating a synchronization that produces collective experiences, for this reason, it is vital to create sounds not focused on the individual person but as a collective benefit. This is where Puro Sentido can support you, as we have broad experience in creating sonic atmospheres surrounded by emotional experiences for your clients and public.

Ideal aromas for commercial

Throughout human history, aromas have been a very important factor for our daily wellness and emotions and they make us act in specific ways  depending on the scents that we perceive and certain moments or places. In the case of business, shops and retail, this has become a very important factor for clients and the brand image that is to be projected and transmitted. For this reason, we present to you the following aroma recommendations for your business locations:

Clothes Retail: it is recommended to use aromas such as green tea, herbal aromas or vainilla

Hotels and hospitality: Lemon, lavender, or green tea are ideal to promote the feeling of freshness and naturality.

Gyms and sports centers: It is vital to find aromas such as Eucalyptus or Citrus to neutralize unpleasant scents,

Spa: In this case, all aromas that evoque natural ambiences are ideal. For instance, Bambu, Eucalyptus or Green tea.

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