Visual Marketing

Visual solutions may be the most popular ones as they have been used broadly as the first impression with the public and one of the closest contact you will have with them. A visually pleasant space has the power to call for attention and attract new customers, it promotes curiosity and the intention to come by and visit. Also, it extends the visit time in the locations. 6 out of 10 buyers remember products or specific promotions published through digital signage solutions.


Puro sentido has different strategies that have been developed with graphic content such as photos, videos, images, logos, digital signage, among others. With this, we intend to increase the visibility of the brand, transmit its identity and generate engagement with the public. Strategies may be physical or digital, as with Digital Signage, which get even more effective when used along with audio or scent strategies.



58% of consumers agree that attractive videos will have a positive impact in their shopping.


71% of restaurant clients remember watching useful or interactive content through digital signage screens.


60% of supermarket buyers got to know a new product through digital signage solutions


25% of pharmacy clients affirm having entered and remained for longer due to the presence of interesting content on digital screens.


Puro Sentido’s Digital Signage systems provide an easy management platform
to schedule graphic content through an easy, trustable and online tool.

Moreover, you will be able to create professional content with our Digital Signage templates. For one or several locations as the solution is fully expandable. We will analyze your brand to depth so as to create campaigns that will increase the brand identity and obtain extraordinary results. 

Remember that 43% of the consumers have made a purchase inspired by digital content visualized in the stores.

The device connects directly to visual reproduction systems such as televisions, industrial-grade monitors or projection devices, for the reproduction of graphic content that will be previously designed with the brand requirements and expression objectives in mind.

The emission of this content is ideal for quick service restaurants, hospitals, clothes and accessories retailers, to inform and educate clients and visitors aided by the best technology and support.

Best alternatives for any scale or size

Professional templates for any application

Complete development services and content management

Easy to use digital signage software

Show news, weather forecast, social media

Design, installation and professional services

Free of competition advertisements or inappropriate content.

Corporate TV

The most profitable and intuitive solution that allows you to take control immediately. Simple grab and drop contents to promote your business and entertain your clients on the same screen. Put an end to inappropriate programming and changing the channel to avoid competition advertisements. Project your brand limitlessly and create the best TV experience for your business with Puro Sentido.

Easily show corporate content, along with well known TV Shows of short format. Puro Sentido is a budget friendly solution that allows you to take control with all the tools available.

Broad range of templates

Create your own programming and content

Upload your own content

Create content libraries with search functions

Manage your visuals remotely using cloud technology, totally safe.

Enjoy a fast and expert support service

Customize to adapt to your preferences

Monitoring and statistics

Menus are more than a list of options, in this case they will
be the visual presentation of your brand

Make your brand stand out with Puro Sentido’s Digital Menus. Gain control with all the customizable parameters, budget friendly and ease of use. Digital signage will provide you the flexibility and control you need to maximize the return over investment and visuals of your brand.

We offer a broad range of digital signage solutions, which includes award winning graphics and templates, that will allow you to create digital menus that come to life at the eyes of your visitors. Dynamic screens advertise high margin complementary services, highlight seasonal products and promote emotional purchases to improve the return over investment.

Puro Sentido’s digital signage solution adapts perfectly to any kind of business, from Coffee Shops and Supermarkets, to Breweries and Beauty Salons. Choose from an extensive range of customized settings, 

even in multiple zones to inform your clients and promote your products all in one screen. We provide you a versatile, attractive, custom solution based on your specific needs.

We create sensory experiences for your brand

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    Profitable video wall solutions make it easy to create the “Wow Effect” in your business. Regardless of your economic sector, our visual experts will design and implement impressive video walls of any size in a customized way. Starting from single screens to multi screen units, according to the requirements of your brand and following the same vision and purpose.

    Which kind of business will
    benefit from a Video Wall?

    Stores and Supermarkets


    Banks and financial institutions



    Car Showrooms

    Add up a differential factor to your business and create a unique experience that your clients will never forget. Starting from single unit formats to big multi-screen systems, Puro Sentido can offer you everything you will need to make an impact on your clients. Solutions include hardware, software, installation and support. Play big and innovate with Puro Sentido Video Walls.

    Industrial Displays

    The new Samsung’s QMR screens transcend to provide the best resolution in its class. Impeccable colors with the Dynamic Crystal Color in a sleek design.

    QMR Series come with anti-reflective panels for better visibility from every angle, at any time of the day, this allows companies to provide detailed images 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get the ideal screens for your location with Puro Sentido.

    Design and installation

    of Audio-Visual Systems

    We provide support to our clients in the design, installation, configuration and post-sales service at a broad range of industrial displays, audio visual systems, audio systems among others.

    We analyze in detail your needs and deploy the best equipment, cabling, installations and engineering.

    We have broad experience in retail, hospitality, corporate installation, among others.