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Puro Sentido is a path to find the essence capable of provoking a whole world of sensory experiences. We are handcrafters, we care about every detail, we live in ecstasy by what we perceive with our five senses and we vibrate to the fullest with every stimulus that they offer us; the sound of an instrument in the middle of the silence, the raw color that emerges by macerating a flower, the weightlessness of a ballerina, the creation of images in poetry, the essence that is expelled when an aromatic particle explodes.

We are a sensory brand that works to awaken your sensibility with profound emotions of wellness through the power of aromas, while you take care of your health with antibacterial and disinfectant products of the best quality. Moreover, we provide olfactory and hygiene solutions for homes, we are passionate about sensory marketing. Our laboratory of aromas and an infinite collection of musical options, are among the best tools available while creating olfactory and audio branding of a product or service, in other words, creating sensory identity. We do this to create emotional bonds between companies, brands and their clients, improving the shopping experience, the brand positioning and identification and workspace wellness of employees..

Your purchase will be a delicious experience due to our personalized advisory and a broad range of products selected under strict criteria, always focused on your health and wellness. At Puro Sentido you can breathe transparency, protection, trust and innovation, because all of our efforts are focused on your wellbeing.

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