Our brand story is full of adventures, colors and scents. We love it! We created a company that honors the human capacity to feel and on the way we have found the road to our own essence. We built Puro Sentido by Scentrade to share all this with you. Our mission is to help you create an environment where you can be inspired by the sound of an instrument in the midst of silence, the raw color that is born when macerating a flower, the authentic moves of someone dancing, the essence that is emitted when a particle of aroma explodes. We experienced it every day since we started as a scent marketing company in Latin America.

The corners of this beautiful world invite us to experience their best and we cherish each opportunity to seize their essence. We have followed our nose and found amazing aroma and essential oil projects to work with locally and bring transformation and joy to your home. From Egypt to Argentina, from France to China, from under the soil to the leaves, woods and flowers, you can feel their power and scent. It is nature offering itself as an accomplice to create your authentic way of being present.

We are actually here to let you know that your home experience can be as delightful as you wish, every day. Let your nose take you to the life you want to live, the one that really makes sense to you. Follow the smell to the spaces your full body wants to inhabit. Allow yourself to feel so good that it makes you want to share it with others. Essentially, that is what happened to us, and the reason why we are exactly here.

All along, what has moved us is that we really want people to feel good

As a company we have persevered and never let go of our essence in order to be transparent and honest all the way. Nature and technology are to team up and create the most amazing atmospheres at home. That is why the selection of our oils and diffusers, plus the process design from the ground to your house are not only the best and purest quality, but always aware of the environmental and human impact. It just wouldn’t make sense otherwise to build a company that aims at spreading connection with nature, including your own

We can feel it, our friends sense it as well… the companies and individuals we work with, have discovered well being and satisfaction through the senses and the unique properties of each plant. We are all more sensitive than we think.

Puro Sentido has always been about making sense. No absolute truths, of course, but whatever you do or choose, has to make sense, right?

Thank you, now you will be fist knowing our new launches and promos