Allegro Aroma Diffuser Puro Sentido Technology


 Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser, Waterless Aromatherapy Diffuser for Home, Bluetooth Diffuser, Portable Diffuser, Diffuser for Essential Oils


The Allegro Diffuser has an incredible 372 Sq Ft suggested coverage so that every area of your home space will smell and feel like that perfect space you want to create and inhabit depending on your mood and desire. The Allegro diffuser system is very user-friendly, with automatic mode and scheduling on/off according to your daily needs.

Differential Value:
This diffuser is perfect for you to create infinite home experiences using it to diffuse any of our aroma or essential oils. You can program environmental magic in every space naturally because our scents are natural, vegan, and free of solvents and raw materials derived from petroleum. The quality of the Allegro diffuser matches the quality of the oils, delivering the exact scent you want to experience and share. 

Easy plug and play, with 4 intensity levels, app control version and automatic light control mode. 

Does not require water for its operation, you may use pure essential oils or blends directly into the aroma diffuser.

Bluetooth Technology—can be connected and programmed through your cell phone to adjust time and intensity. 

Powerfully and evenly scents any environment in just minutes. 

Our essential oil diffuser machine is also ECONOMIC & EFFICIENT, spending less than 4ml per hour of use!

Allegro Diffuser is completely safe for PETS & KIDS so you can enjoy all the wonderful benefits of our aromas without any of the worrying."

Requires 100ml bottle to fill (Aroma Oil not included)

Allegro Aroma Diffuser Puro Sentido Technology
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