Moderato + Aroma Oil 120ml
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Moderato + Aroma Oil 120ml

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Diffuser Moderato +Fragrance  120ml

Diffuser Moderato:

One of our most aesthetic and modern options, the perfect solution for spaces of up to 100m2, allows even and efficient coverage. Easy to use and programmable by weeks to fully enjoy the aroma.

We provide long lasting protection in one step, with the integration of innovative technologies and essences that cover every corner of the room in a constant and homogeneous way through a fresh and cold mist.

Applications: Lobby halls, Homes, Commercial Shops, Waiting Rooms, Offices.

Source of energy: Electricity

Type: Cold fog humidifier

Humidity control: Manual

Color: White

Coverage: 1076 ft2

Fragrance bottle: 100ml



You will achieve active senses, control your emotions and give dynamism to each day. You will escape from the routine to be enveloped by its purity and freshness, controlling anxiety and achieving a feeling of cleanliness in the environment.

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