Sky Blossom Aroma Oil Puro Sentido Scent Oil


Immerse yourself in the crisp, invigorating scent of a sun-drenched orchard with our Sky Blossom fragrance. This captivating blend captures the essence of a clear, bright day in the countryside, where the air is infused with the vibrant aromas of fresh leaves and the endless expanse of a brilliant blue sky.

Top Notes:

  • Green Apple: Sparkling and juicy, green apple adds a delightful burst of freshness reminiscent of orchard harvests.
  • Citrus Zest: Sun-kissed citrus zest lends a bright, uplifting note that evokes the feeling of a clear, cloudless sky.

Heart Notes:

  • Fresh Green Leaves: The heart of the fragrance is composed of freshly picked green leaves, evoking the vibrant, earthy essence of an orchard in full bloom.
  • White Flowers: Soft, delicate white flowers add a touch of elegance and femininity, reminiscent of blossoms dancing in the gentle breeze.

Base Notes:

  • Cedarwood: Warm cedarwood adds depth and sophistication to the fragrance, grounding it with a subtle woody richness.
  • Musk: Musk provides a soft, lingering base that enhances the overall allure of the scent, leaving a lasting impression of tranquility and natural beauty.

Overall, Sky Blossom is a harmonious blend that transports you to a serene orchard landscape, where the air is filled with the intoxicating aroma of fresh leaves and the promise of endless blue skies.

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