Olfactory marketing at hotel Zocalo central México


In the historic center of Mexico City, Zócalo Central is a hotel committed to a warm and friendly service that aims to provide its guests with a typical experience of this tourist country.

With a unique architecture and a genuine concern for interior details, it stands out and allows people who visit it to stimulate their five senses and have a pleasant and exciting stay.

Interested in providing their guests with sensory experiences, they carried out an olfactory marketing strategy to give three of their spaces a unique touch that would create different perceptions and sensations in those who visit them.
The lobby has been aromatized with a fragrance with notes of lime and wood. This gives the space a sense of freshness and elegance at the same time. It is a soft fragrance, which welcomes guests, making them feel at home and as if they are entering a calming and pleasant space.

But the hotel has wanted to generate different effects in different areas, so an exquisite aroma of coffee will attract you to its cafeteria and you will not be able to resist the temptation to try one of its drinks.
Finally, plant lovers can enjoy a beautiful nursery while being surrounded by a scent of freshly cut grass, transporting them immediately to connect with nature, to relax and invites them to stay in this place for longer.
Thus, visiting the Zócalo Central hotel becomes a complete sensory adventure, where sight, touch, hearing, palate and smell are pleasantly stimulated, therefore your guests and guests will always remember that their pass through Mexico City has been truly memorable.

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