Music and fragrances for unique shopping experiences.


Nowadays, it is essential to provide consumers with a very special experience at the point of sale that stands out and is therefore embedded in their memory.
To achieve this, it is important to pay attention to the details since many of the effects that a stimulus will have on the customers will be unconscious and unidentifiable, they will be altering their perception of the brand during their stay.
This is precisely what happens when olfactory and auditory marketing is implemented in the store. The first is the diffusion of an aroma according to the nature of the brand and the mood it seeks to transmit and the second refers to the soundtrack that accompanies the whole experience.

Do you know what happens when you add a smell and music to the store?
What happens is that you are taking your consumer to a mood that makes him feel good and happy, a person in that emotional place will be more likely to buy, especially if he feels that the items offered will prolong his joy.
Once outside the store, the customer will create a memory, a positive memory of his experience and they will want to repeat it. People may not be aware of these effects on them, but their brain is creating a special field for this moment and in the next opportunity when they want to shop, without wanting to, the name of your brand will appear, and the client will visit it in their mind.
We invite you to take a free trial with us and test out the benefits for yourself.

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