Our BMW client: Success with scent marketing


Autogermana is the official importer of BMW for Colombia, has three brands BMW, BMW Nat and BMW mini, has more than 30 years of experience in our country and stands out as one of the luxury and prestige automotive houses worldwide.

A few years ago, the marketing department of Autogermana began to recognize the trends that were being carried out on a global scale to generate shopping experiences and began to study the possibility of implementing in its showcase windows an Olfactory Marketing strategy that would be a perfect complement to the brand and generate value for the customers.
Thus, in partnership with Scentrade Puro Sentido, the process of creating an aroma that reflected the values of the brand and was pleasing to the customers began. According to Ángela Camacho, marketing director for Autogermana , Colombia: "For us, the most important thing was to generate experiences within our customers looking into a showcase, to create a more pleasant atmosphere, that the people who visited us were more willing to receive the information, to stay for longer in the sales room and as a result, reinforce the brand identity, now with the addition of an aroma. "

Once an Olfactory Logo was developed, one which would meet the company's needs, the implementation processes commenced. A study of the space was conducted where the diffusion would be made, of its air currents, of the hot spots in the sales room and the entrances to the showcase, and with this, the places were determined as to where to locate the diffusers and the intensity with which the aroma should be diffused.

A constant follow-up was carried out during the first days with the olfactory experience, which would allow to determine the effectiveness of the implementation and make adjustments as needed. After finding the perfect level, periodic technical services have been carried out, which guarantee optimum performance and unforeseen events have been attended to.
Nowadays Autogermana makes use of its Olfactory Logo in events and with that, it generates brand positioning. Its aroma stands out and is recognized by people, to such an extent that its visitors have wanted to have such a fragrance in their homes, for which, together with Scentrade Puro Sentido, they have begun to evaluate integral strategies where Odotype is present in gifts and stationery that customers bring with them. Therefore, Angela Camacho concludes that the importance of Olfactory Marketing is that it allows generating experiences that transcend their customers

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