Atlantis: sensory experiences with olfactory marketing


Atlantis arrived in the country 15 years ago with a tropical architectural proposal to give the capital a touch of joy in midst of its gray palette. At first, their interest was to convey to clients experiences similar to those experienced in Florida, United States, but with the arrival of the El Retiro shopping center the area became an epicenter of fashion and entertainment that changed the focus through which they developed the marketing efforts.

Thus, as of three years ago, when Terranum took control of the administration, a strategic plan was made until 2018 forming a consolidated team to attack different fronts, including experiential marketing, which sought to touch all the senses of customers not only with audio , the activities inside the establishment, with the aesthetic component, but with the smell.

And it is precisely at this point, when Atlantis decides to conduct a bid to find a company that offers olfactory marketing services. They compiled three different companies and decided to work with Scentrade Puro Sentido, for being the pioneers in the country, for the experience they had, because they had initiative and because they were proactive when implementing the service, making a study of the plans of the commercial center, investigating the points of greatest traffic, identifying the needs of the client and therefore offering the best solution.
As a result, they started working hand in hand with Scentrade Puro Sentido to find the brand’s scent, which they wanted to be aligned with the architecture, that is to say that it was tropical and that consequently changed the mood of the visitors, making them feel nice and in a different space in the city of Bogotá. Once they found the right aroma, the points were identified as to where the diffusers would be located and the intensity with which the odor should be diffused.
According to Jennifer Romero, Marketing Director of Atlantis, the main objective for creating an olfactory logo was to "position our brand in the mind of the consumer, not only as a name, with the stores, with the Hard Rock that accompanies us, as the only one in Colombia, but also in an olfactory sense, something very important that stimulates the senses of the clients and generates recognition." She feels that after three years this goal has been achieved because the shopping center is highly recognized, and its smell is very present in people’s memory.

Now that the aroma of the mall is positioned, Atlantis has decided to continue creating sensory experiences for its customers and is performing different experiments with the sense of smell. One of them introduces an aroma of coffee to neutralize unpleasant odors produced by the cleaning of grease traps, but Atlantis has also chosen to extend the impact beyond the visit to the place and give the Odotype of the brand to people so that they carry it in their hands with antibacterial gels and in cars with aroma sachets. This is a very special way of pampering them and positioning the brand, without limiting the time people spend in the establishment.
Finally, Jennifer Romero commented "The assistance from beginning to end, the seriousness of the hiring, the logistical support at the time of the implementation from scratch, the locating of diffusers in a strategic manner so that there are not too many diffusers which cost more or fewer as to not sense the smell. For the pilot tests that are carried out at no charge, for having the necessities and that they offer us the solutions, for being proactive and offering alternatives, not only generating an invoice but generating value for the client at the Olfactory Marketing experience level, because they are knowledgeable about the subject; those are the best reasons to recommend them".

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