How to clasify a fragrance?


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How to clasify a fragrance?

The history of aromas goes back hundreds of years ago, and the passion for this art grows every day. Those who are dedicated completely to the world of fragrance, had found different ways to classify and organize them to understand and benefit from their properties.

We must understand this clasification if we aim to optimize the qualities of the fragrances to connect with the consumers with Scent Marketing. As you will notice in the video we are sharing, Esneda Vela, perfumist at CPL Aromas, will explain to us the four big fragrance groups including:

At PuroSentido we are organized in a similar way, we provide fragrances in their different forms of expression. You will notice this by visiting our online shop. You will find the aromas we offer at their purest form through essenetial oils, which are used in aromatherapy and home aromatizaition. Moreover, we promote healthcare and personal care with antibacterial and disinfectant products of the highest quality along with their matching fragrances.

In addition, with scent marketing, you may already know about air purification through the aromarizaztion of your spaces, and choosing aroma difusers for your sales point. It goes further than that. It is about stimulating your client's senses, in this case the sense of smell, so that your brand gets positioned from a more profound and emotional place. This is the objective of sensory marketing.

As we mentioned in the previous blog, the creation of a Scent Logo or an exclusive aroma, the selection of a fragrance for a space or an object, require a thorow study of the brand, the public and the maximum knowledge about the world of fregrances. The more we go deep into it, the broader the universe of possibilities and this helps us to make more precise decisions at the moment of desifning a scent marketing strategy.

Would you like to learn more?

Have you ever heard about scent families? There are more than seven of them! In our next video, Esneda Vela will be explaining this scent families and the olfactory characteristics that define them. Let's continue this sensory journey to tune up our senses and be proficient comunicators of what we want with our scent marketing plan.

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