Creating olfactory strategies to sell more.


It is a method that until now is only starting to be explored and that is why here, you will find the most common and simple strategies that can be implemented. For specific and concrete results from each brand, it is vital to perform an in-depth analysis of the company to offer the appropriate solutions that perfectly align with the interests of the client.


Clothing: In these types of spaces, vanilla or the smell of freshly washed cotton works very well; the first aroma gives it a feminine ambience and the second a new clothing smell, which evokes the excitement of wearing something brand new for the first time.

Shoe stores: In these stores, the smell of leather conveys quality and elegance, bringing consumers back to an experience of class and glamor that makes them feel important and sophisticated.

Construction: In the stores where construction products are sold, the fragrance of freshly cut grass awakens people, revitalizes and motivates them, allowing the desire to create something new to materialize.

Health: In locations where health is a priority (clinics, pharmacies, care centers), the smell of baby powder or talcum is ideal. This transmits the feeling of security, since it brings people back to the moments of maternal care in our first months of life.

Housewares: In general, aromas that evoke the feeling of home are optimal for these spaces, so chocolate, cookies or the smell of pastries generate pleasant experiences in the user and invite them to spend money, believing that this feeling will be reproduced later in their home.

Children: Toy stores and places where children are the primary consumers can be perfumed with the smell of chewing gum or lollipops. They are sweet perfumes that remind us of childhood, moments of joy and fun.

Wine or liquor stores: In this type of store, the perfume of wood and wet earth evoke the feeling of a vineyard and cellar, evokes the experience of shelter, which in turn transmits the quality of the product.

Over the years, health sciences have investigated the effects of aromatherapy on the psychology of human beings. These are some of the most common scents and their effects on the psyche.

Lemon: Reduces stress.
Orange: Antidepressant.
Green Tea: Soothing and sedative.
White Flowers: Help in nervous breakdowns.
Cedarwood: Energizing.
Cinnamon: Reduces fatigue and is a mental stimulant.
Vetiver: Provides energy.
Tea: Energizing.
Sandalwood: Reduces stress.
Rosewood forest: Help with concentration.
Citrus grape: Stimulating.
Jasmine: Antidepressant.
Chocomint: Increases brain activity.
Vainilla: Calming effects.

From this, it can be deduced that the selection of an aroma cannot only focus on a nice smell, because if we want to generate a shopping experience that motivates and engages customers, black pepper, pine and rosemary would be the best option, while chamomile, mandarin and lemon should be chosen for spaces wishing to calm people like spas, hairdressers, and among others.


As we can observe, smells are more than capable of evoking certain emotions. The use of generic scents will produce certain reactions that will facilitate the sales process in stores. Nonetheless, if a brand wishes to implement a more effective strategy, the ideal action would be to create its own olfactory logo. This is the unique combination of aromas, selected specifically for a company, which have been chosen after determining specific objectives, such as recall, effect on emotions or notion of time, as well as the essence of the brand. This signature scent is a perfume that identifies the brand and with which you can create a comprehensive olfactory marketing strategy, which can be implemented to create shopping experiences in the stores, set the ambience for company's events, print on the corporate stationery and use in different merchandise products.
In conclusion, choosing the aroma we put in stores should not be a decision taken lightly; it is important to know the psychological effects that certain olfactory notes will have on our customers and determine if those are the results what we want to provoke. In the end, it is in recognizing the power of unconscious impact that each perfume produces can be applied with Pure Sentido and thus attain the proposed objectives.

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