You’re right, this year hasn’t been a walk in the park nor a piece of cake, rather confusing, strange and full of challenges. We don’t want to talk about the dark side of 2020, which surely you have already well identified, but instead about the other side, which there always is. This year is ending and the challenges may continue, however, we have learned things, haven't we? Well, everyone probably has a story; today we want to share ours with you, a story of gratitude from the people who work at Puro Sentido.
We also had to adapt, of course. We moved to home office, we had to reduce costs, boost the online market, rethink our strategies, try to understand and accept an unknown reality, etc. In the midst of all this we also had the time and space to dedicate, each one of us at home, to exploring the tools we have at hand, which we know and always seek to share with you.
Essential oils! Its aromas, its benefits, its properties known and used for centuries. We have felt like children with a new toy, discovering new essences, different uses and proving from our own experience that it’s possible to provide ourselves with well-being through the senses. Perhaps one of us may recommend bergamot oil to his teammate, because last night it helped lift his spirits after a difficult day; then another day someone chooses a citrus scent to increase focus at work; some of us apply essences to the skin to revitalize it or to heal wounds, and others also share the habit of putting lavender oil in the aroma diffuser to relax before going to sleep.
There are a thousand possibilities, the universe of essential oils is unlimited, their aromatic, topical and internal uses. We keep studying, we continue to learn and our desire to share this well-being with you continues to grow. You deserve protection, health, well-being, pleasure. Whatever the situation, you deserve to be okay and feel amazing!
Because confinement is hard, but we believe that it’s the perfect time to try other ways and allow different things to happen to you. The lesson of the year, then, is that there are always new opportunities and windows that open to discover exciting scenarios that you had not imagined before, that can surprise you with their way of generating inner peace, well-being 
and gratitude. This is how we understand it and this is how we make sense at  Puro Sentido…
We are thankful for our health, we are thankful for the opportunity to learn, to rethink our way of working so we get better, to discover that we have well-being tools closer than we think. We are thankful for the music, the aromas, and all those things that stimulate the senses and lead us to transform our emotional states.
Discovering that there are ways to feel better and that self-love leads us to use what we have available to achieve it, are the perfect reasons to thank this crazy year with all its ingredients. And being immersed in the world of essential oils plus being able to share their magic with you, is what motivates us to continue learning and offering these completely natural products to provide you with well-being and quality of life.

You’re right, this year hasn’t been a walk in the park nor a piece of cake

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