Are essential oils safe for pets?


Are essential oils safe for pets?

We could know the benefits of the essential oils for our health, but, do you know the benefits of aromatherapy with essential oils in your pets?

The aromatherapy is part of the alternative medicine, which is based on aromatic materials, used to get better physical and mental health. It is considered like a soft therapy, but we know the effects that it has on pets, especially if it is done with essential oils.

The essential oils are vegetable raw material concentrates, obtained from plants, roots, flowers, leafs, trees, etc. They are extremely aromatic and light.

How to do aromatherapy on my pet? 

To start the aromatherapy, you have to know the problem or the diagnosis of your pet, that is the reason you should have a vet nearby, this vet has to know which oil and which way you will use with your pet, to all be fine.

Some advices to start:

  • Use something that your pet already recognizes, that will make it feel more comfortable and quiet when it feels the aroma.
  •  Give it some cuddles, the time of love is the perfect moment to start the therapy, this will make it feel relaxed not just during the therapy, but during all day.

Aromatherapy for cats

The essential oils have to be diluted in vegetable oils, because the essential oils are very concentrated, the higher the concentration of the essential oil, the greater the risk to the cat.

Cats have a very strong sense of smell, they can smell aromas from 4 or 5 miles (8.05 kilometers) of distance. 

The recommendation is to have some door open during the olfactory therapy, if your cat wanna fresh air, just let it.

If you use an aroma that your cat does not like, try with different scents, but never apply it on the skin. A cat can only use essential oils with a scent diffuser machine, but remember do not keep your cat close to it, even if the diffuser is off, do not apply the essential oil or let them eat it, if you think that your cat eats it go to your vet.

Essential oils could be toxic for cats if it ingests them, because their liver does not have the capacity to process some toxins that essential oils have.

The aromatherapy has to be done in a short period of time, because if the fur can catch particles of the oil and in the moment of the grooming, the cat can ingest these particles and get intoxicated.

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Essential oils toxic to cats are:

  • melaleuca
  • tea tree oil
  • penny royal
  • wintergreen
  • pine oil
  • Bergamot
  • Birch
  • Cinnamon
  • Clove
  • Fir tree
  • Grapefruit
  • All citrus oils
  • Oregano
  • Any mixed essential oils

Remember that the aromatherapy body oils are not the same that you have to use with your pet. You have to make sure the quality of the product, its Latin name, how it is made and if it is pet friendly, this way you will avoid cat poisoning by bad products.

If you apply the oil on the skin of your pet accidentally, or it does not like it, do not wash it with water, because the essential oils repel water, instead use products that have some fat content like yogurt, milk or butter.

Essential oils that are safe for cats and when use it 

Essential oils that are safe for cats and when use it


Catnip essential oil

We start with this because this is the favorite plant of the cats. Nepeta Cataria is its Latin name, and has a powerful effect on the cat, this plant has a lot of benefits for the cat.

Catnip produces a stimulus that encourages it to play and move, when a cat smells it will want to play, lick it, eat it, jump and, in some cases, be more loving.

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Essential oils for sadness 

Orange blossom

It could be hard for the cat to accept it, but is very effective, if the pet has lost somebody important or if it has depression.

Spearmint, basil, and mint

These herbs are from the same family of the catnip, that is why it is not weird that cats love these aromas, they feel attracted and have the same behavior and benefits with the catnip.

Essential oils for fear


It will help pets that feel stress or fear, and if they have breath difficulties, this aroma is perfect.


It forms part of the Bach’s flowers, it acts in the cat organism and has a powerful relaxing effect. Likewise, it is used to treat insomnia, stress, or anxiety in cats.

The Honeysuckle berries are toxic, so the oil must have to be only made from the flower.

Violet leaf

If your cat goes through a very emotional situation, or feels distrust, this smell could help it. If it is living a difficult experience, the violet leaf will help it to be more curious, secure and comfortable.


Special for shy cats, if the animal is fearful or has suffered abuse, this scent will help it to relate the environment with a good and safe moment.


It has physical and emotional benefits. If your cat has emotional imbalances, or is in a worry situation, it is very effective.


It is another oil that is difficult for the cat to accept, but is very effective for a cat with insomnia. This aroma is perfect If the cat has to travel.

Essential oils for relaxing


Perfect for moments of high irritability or anger. This aroma makes the place feel more comfortable and peaceful.


It helps animals with anxiety, or if the animal is hyperactive, this oil will calm it down.


Very popular for its effectiveness to relax and comfort, for both pets and humans.


The vanilla essential oil has properties of comforting, perfect for cats that have nervous tension or when an animal shows irritability and anger, perfect for animals with a history of biting, or bite when irritated or angry. 

Essential oils for inflammation and pain


The Mint has anti-inflammatory effects, and relieves burns, its scent has also comforting and relaxing effects.


There are a lot of benefits of ginger, but the essential oil relieves aches and pains.


This oil can help your pet if it has emotional imbalances, relieving pains of burns and wounds. The relief could be deeper on its body.

Essential oils for stomach problems


We know that ginger relieves aches and pains, but it also helps with digestive issues, calms the stomach and reduces nausea.


Is perfect for muscle cramps and aches, also it stimulates digestion. 

Essential oil for animals with cancer


This oil stimulates the immunological cat’s system, Could be the only oil that the cat can eat, because it helps the cat to keep fatty acids levels stable.


Besides the help with the stress, this essential oil relieves the pain, specifically pain caused by tumors.

Remember that all things that you try to improve the health of your pet, must be consulted by your veterinarian, because maybe your cat is allergic to some oils, it is important to identify them before they are used. As we said, the essential oils have a lot of properties, but also represent a danger for your pet. These oils that we recommend, have to be used with a diffuser, never apply it on the skin, or let your pet eat it, because your cat could be at risk of poisoning.

Making your pet feel comfortable is part of loving it.

If you want to know more about essential oils and find your aromatic place, contact us.

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