How to identify 100% pure essential oil?


Essential oils are very popular because their numerous benefits have been studied and scientifically endorsed, and because they allow us to offer products without preservatives and without synthetic materials in general. 

What health risks do bad quality oils have?

The toxicity of low quality essential oils is well documented, that is, the qualified health professional knows which molecules each essential oil contains and has the ability to advise on their correct use. 

Some essential oils, especially with low quality, can cause strong skin reactions; such as those containing phenols, aldehydes and additives in general, the most common altered essential oils are mint, ajedrea, cinnamon, thyme, rosemary and lemon.

The problem with these false pure essential oils or low quality oils, is that they always have to be diluted, and contain chemical ingredients that make the quality oil change, causing allergic reactions, wounds, even burns. 

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The continued exposure to these ingredients could irritate the respiratory tract, especially in cases where the essential oil is used in a humidifier, so in this case it is important to ensure the quality of the oils, and be careful with the amount of the oil that we use.

It is normal that pure essential oils cause allergic reactions in a low group of people, so it is important to do a little test before using the oil in any way. First ensure the purity of the oil, and the following of all healthiness rules, then open it and apply a little drop in your forearm, if the skin starts to present inflammation and redness, is a sign of an allergic reaction, do not use it.  In general, its use is not recommended, in pregnant and lactating women, children under 7 years of age and people with seizure disorders. 

When they are pure, that is, when they are used undiluted, always respect the dose and the method of use, like any other product, and, lastly, remember that citrus fruits are topical photosensitizers, so they should not be applied to the skin and expose yourself to the sun under penalty of seeing an erythema appear that leaves spots -unless these citrus essential oils have been obtained by distillation instead of expression.

Identifying a 100 pure essential oil

The pure essentials oils are made with natural extracts, and in general do not have extra ingredients, as you can see, there are multiple risks to using non-pure oils, so there are some advices to recognize them:

  1. When you buy essential oils, choose well-known brands and go to reliable establishments such as those dedicated exclusively to aromatherapy, so you can count on expert advice. This factor is key, since many companies add compounds to the essential oil that adulterate its purity. It is very common that they are mixed with vegetable oils, synthetic aromatic oils or other cheaper essential oils with a similar aroma to the original.
  1. The aroma is also decisive to know the purity of essential oils. Pure essential oils have a strong aroma and always smell like the plant they belong to. On the contrary, diluted and low quality essential oils do not smell as much, can cause an itchy nose and have an annoying smell.
  1. It is very important to review the labels of essential oils and find some information on them, such as the botanical name of the plant to which it belongs, how it is grown, the part of the plant from which it has been extracted, the extraction process, and the components it contains. Furthermore, a high-quality pure essential oil must be 100% natural, concentrated, organic and with a high therapeutic grade.

It is not completely required to have this information, but is a complete positive plus. 

  1. The price of essential oils is not the same for all products, that is why it varies from one to another depending on their extraction process. Therefore, if we go to a place where all the oils have the same price, it will mean that they are not pure and natural essential oils.
  1. Essential oils bottled in plastic and light-colored containers are unreliable, as they may have been damaged by light. In fact, pure essential oils must be stored in dark glass bottles to protect them from light and preserve all their properties.
  1. There is a test that shows if it is a pure essential oil or, on the contrary, it is of low quality. To check, you just have to pour a drop of the oil on a piece of paper, if the oil does not leave a mark and evaporates quickly, then it is a pure essential oil. If the mark remains on the paper, it shows that the essential oil has been mixed with vegetable oil.

In the market we have a lot of good brands of essential oils that are pure, but in Puro Sentido you can access a complete catalog of oils, like pure essential oil peppermint, or lavender 100% pure essential oil without extra ingredients that represent a risk to your health. 


  • by deedee on

    this is for KayJo in the comments…i bought 100% pure rosemary oil from a brand called By Nature…I did the test here and it did evaporate quickly and did leave a dry stain shadow….so now it evaporated quickly, which you say its not good, but it did leave a shadow dry ring..Which do i have? pure or not pure? But the bottle states it is plus too dilute it with carrier oils also…

  • by KayJo on

    I am a chemist, and essential oils do not evaporate quickly. Anything that evaporates quickly would concern me that it’s not an essential distilled oil at all but an alcohol extract. When doing the paper test, it can take a good hour for a single drop of pure essential oil to evaporate, AND, the paper will have a ring “shadow,” but it will be 100% dry. If it has been diluted with oil, the spot will feel greasy. Also, as some essential oils do contain some fats, so this is not 100% fail proof for all oils. But it is a good start.

  • by Pilita Fernandez on

    HM per liter of steam-distilled 100% pure lavender oil and peppermint oil? cite exp date

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