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In the midst of the Olympic environment and the kites season in Colombia we wonder what are the fragrances that inspire us and make us fly. Those aromas that take our senses to another level and lift up the spirit, those that make us feel motivated to elevate our dreams and goals, unique fragrances, perfumery designed so that we identify with each of its notes.

The Chocolate The magic of the chocolate aroma resides in its scents that return us to comfort and well-being, stimulating the production of endorphins, hormones that produce happiness and that also provide energy and activate a good sense of humor. Moreover, if we are surrounded by the smell of chocolate, unconsciously we will feel inspired to give out everything in an exercise routine, we will be more willing to make an effort and feel that we have more power to face adversities. Considering this, a gym that wants to promote happiness and energetic workouts, should not hesitate to implement the diffusion of a fragrance with notes of this impressive aroma.

COFFEE Aromas have effects, not only because of the reactions of its particles and molecules on our body, but also because of the emotional relationships and experiences that we create around them. In other words, the way we relate experiences with certain fragrances are vital into creating a specific mood. This is precisely what happens to us with the coffee scent; We usually associate it with breakfast time, the first moment of the day, and with the fact that it wakes us up and gives us energy.

For this reason, when we find ourselves in front of a coffee shop our spirits rise and without having to consume it, we already feel more energetic. Advertising agencies and related companies in the arts and entertainment industries should not doubt to use the smell of coffee in their creative meetings, collaborators exposed to this fragrance will surely have better ideas and a more proactive spirit.

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