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At Puro sentido we love experiences and we dedicate in full to create the best ones. We have been researching for years the effect of sensory simulus in people, and through the gained experience we have confirmed the importance that they have in the perception of a space or moment. Our vocation has let us help companies and people to generate sensory experiences that have meaning to them according to their needs.

Every day comes with new adventures and challenges, this persuades us to grow and learn. Even more in this global crisis that we are going though, we see the oportunity to innovate and reshape ourselves, do whatever it takes to evolve. It is about going back to the essence, grasping what gives meaning to our own existence, and then open new paths that lead us to discover our maximum potential.

We have a focus on offering through our shop all those products that we have found as tools to transform and improve the daily life. For this reason, we invite you to take care of your phisical health with high performance antibacterials and disinfectants, also, protect your emotional welbeing with a varied selection of pure essential oils, difussers and sound systems for all kinds of spaces.

We believe that you can become a creator of special moments, inside or ouside your home, simply by being charmed by the details that compose them. A Rosemary, lavander or cinnamon aroma, matched with your favourite song, can turn your habiting space into something more pleasant to enjoy every day. We want you to choose what you and your family need for their protection, so that you can be healthy and feel peaceful.

We want you to be great! It is totally possible to protect your phisical and emotional health at the same time, and generate wellness when the senses are stimulated properly. Puro Sentido exists to help you to give a more profound meaning to each of the moments that shape your life experience.

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