5 Ideal essential oils to control stress


We know that city traffic or work pressure will always generate feelings of anxiety that are not good for our body and mind, in addition, the current Covid 19 crisis has deeply affected our balance, wellbeing and overall energy levels using aromatherapy. For this reason, we recommend 5 aromas that will help you feel more free, recharge your vitality and liberate you from any tension in your daily life.


Its relaxing properties allow you to find the peace that you need in these critical moments of stress. This plant has medicinal properties, moreover it facilitates sleeping, relaxes muscles, and it is excellent in states of anxiety or depression.


Works as a natural sedative and helps in situations of uncontrollable stress, it is the best alternative in creativity and emotional blockages since it’s notes emanate elegance while reducing your levels of anxiety, improving greatly your state of mind.


Its natural citric notes and a light vanilla touch evoke the greatness of women. Eliminates anxiety and stress provoked by those extenuating working days and chaos in the city.


The citric composition of citronella will allow you to reduce the tension created by long periods of work. while you enjoy the pleasant and intimate aroma of this fragrance while strengthening your state of mind, the fresh and sweet notes will generate in you an avalanche of creativity and inspiration. Reduces the negative ambience by generating a relaxing atmosphere.

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