An aroma expresses everything that you want to say


A perfume is an olfactory dress. It is the second skin that covers us throughout the day and communicates with people's unconcious mind, slightly revealing a piece of our personalities and intentions.
For this reason, choosing a perfume is a task that requires dedicated patience, pleasure and reason, so as to develop in ourselves and in others very concrete effects, which will alow us to relate from an emotional interaction. The perfume is a seduction weapon and we must know how to use its strength to our side.
If you wish to impact your atmosphere in a positive way through the sense of smell, we will share with you some tips that will let you stand out and show your essence.


  1. It is better to try perfumes in morning hours, in a clean and moiseurized skin and if possible without scented products which may distort your perception.
  2. Every person has a personality and there are aromas that link better with each character. People who tend to be natural and discrete may enjoy citric fragrances, floral aromas go well with romantic women, and if the purpose is to seduce, there is nothing better than a woody scent. Moreover, fruity essences match energetic and spontaneus characters.
  3. The perfumemust be applied at pulsation points where there is more blood irrigation; the neck inner wrists, behind the ears, elbows and knees. A little bit on the hair will help to leave a longer aromatic trail.
  4. It is ideal to use a personal care line that is in the same olfactory family, this way the scent of creams and soaps will not interfere with the perfume notes, this will create a smoother effect.
  5.  At the moment of choosing a perfume, you must always try it on your skin. Every person has a particular PH balance, this integrates with the perfume and creates a different feeling on each human being. Moreover, you must be concious that only 30 minutes after having the perfume on your skin, you will find deeper scent notes, this are the ones that will reveal the true aroma of the product, they are the essence and the remaining scent trail. For this reason, you must wait some time to evaluate it and be able to make your final decision. Do not be tempted just for the exit notes.
  6. Keep the perfume in a fresh and dark place, hidden from sun or humidity. It is not advisable to keep the perfume in a carry on bag. If you have chosen an essence concentration of 20%, a single application in the morning will be enough to cover you during the whole day. If you decide to choose inferior concentrations, you may apply it several times a day, for this reason, it is better to have two flasks of the same fragrance, one of home and anotherone for the office.
  7. "The perfume has a persuasive force, stronger than words, the brightness of the looks, the feelings and will. The persuasive force of the perfume cannot be counterracted, it invades us like the air invades our lungs, it fills us, saturate us, there is no cure against it"

Patrick Süskind

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