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Essential oils, in general, can have a lot of benefits to the health, even cosmetic uses, that you could ignore, and Basil essential oil is one.

Basil is a native plant of Iran, India, Pakistan and other tropical sectors of Asia, and have been cultivated for a lot of years, been an important part of Asian and Italian dishes, actually, in Italy this plant is considerate one love symbol, and in Mexico is used to attract good fortune, since as you treat the basil plant, same will be your business. 

Basil leaves have a bright green, oval form, and are serrated, but with soft texture.

InPuro Sentido's Basil oils, we use Ocimum basilicum, one kind of basil that give to you a sweet, spicy and fresh aroma, perfect to create personalized environments, that improve tour concentration or where you go when you want to be relaxed.

Basil oil can have a lot of uses in the kitchen, specially to create delicious Italian dishes, but there are a lot of properties that you can take advantage of to improve your health and mental wellness. 

From pain relieve for hits or headache, menstrual cramps, joint pain and others. It brings a comfort sensation, so is perfect to use in a diffuser in your favorite room. 

Remember that not all oil is 100% pure, to obtain essential oil, we use vapor distillation, from water that is naturally part or plants, in other cases, the oil is prepared from pressing process, where, roughly speaking, the plant is taken and passed through a press, which results in the extraction of the oil. 

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What is basil oil good for?

It is normal to find different ways to relieve a lot of symptoms of different diseases, and basil oil can be used to digestive, circulatory and immune system, also to specific organs like skin.

You can use this oil like insect repellent to you and your plants.

Basil oil have a lot of properties, can be antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anthelmintic, analgesic and antispasmodic. 

Benefits of basil oils

From the properties, you can deduce all benefits that basil oil essential can have, but here are more specific oil benefits, and ways to use it.

Basil oil for skin

With the anti-inflammatory properties of the oil, make it a good ally to combat acne, also favor the good-looking of skin, and healthy feeling.

Also, you can apply it in case of a skin infection, but do not apply directly, use a diffuser, or diluted it with other oil no essential, since it can be irritating.

If you have muscular cramps or muscle tension, it is a good idea to do a massage on the affected zone with basil oil, it will relieve the tension sensation and its aroma will help you to relax, also you can apply it on the temples and massage to eliminate stress feelings.  

You can add one or two drops to your moisturizer, and apply it in the morning. Remember to do an allergy test before apply it.

Is basil oil good for hair?

Definitively, you can use this oil to revitalize your hair, regenerate hair with a lot of damage, and it is a perfect tonic to scalp.

Another use of basil oil for hair is on massages, we recommend doing a massage minimum three times per week with the oil, promoting hair growth, sine you stimulate hair follicles, and improve health of your hair.

You can mix basil oil with bergamot, Clary Sage, Clove Bud, Lime, Eucalyptus, Juniper, Lemon, Neroli, and Rosemary

Other benefits of basil essential oil

if you have stomach problems, basil oil is perfect to normalize gut flora, so it is digestive, besides delicious.  

You can use it like therapy to, gastritis, nausea, digestive spasms, gastroenteritis among other stomach discomforts.

Using your basil essential oil un aromatherapy, you can dismiss anxiety feelings, mental fatigue, and improve your concentration while you study or work, also this aroma give to you a wellbeing and comfort sensation, that means that basil oil is perfect to use in different rooms in your home, even on your office. 

In addition to aromatherapy to reduce stress, basil oil also clean and disinfects environments, so you can use it with a diffuser on your room when you or one member of your family have a cold, or is sick to make it safer. In case of colds or cough, this oil is also good to do a treatment and improve those symptoms thanks to its antispam properties.   

Remember to consult with your doctor all new things that you want to introduce in your daily life, more if it has effects on your health, or if you take medications regularly, as these can cause an unpleasant interaction or side effects.

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    The blog discusses the benefits and uses of basil oil in daily life. Basil oil is extracted from the leaves of the basil plant and has a sweet, spicy, and fresh aroma. It has several benefits, including antimicrobial protection, calming inflammation and swelling, insect repellent, and promoting better digestion. Basil oil can also be used for skin and hair care, as well as for aromatherapy to reduce stress and improve concentration. It is important to dilute basil oil before using it on the skin or scalp to avoid irritation. The blog also highlights the importance of using 100% pure essential oils and consulting with a doctor before introducing new products into your daily routine.

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