White tea and thyme, scented oil for diffuser


In Puro Sentido, we design multiple exclusive aromas, perfect for creating new environments in the same home, even room, in this case, we design a white tea and thyme aroma oil, which we find to create the sensation of extreme relaxation like waking up and seeing a beautiful morning on the beach, with the sensation of the sea in your nose and skin.

There are some curiosities of each one of the fragrances that together represent our aroma and how you can take advantage of it, to create a complete atmosphere in your home and live a daily different experiences.  

Thyme essential oil uses

This is an important part of our aroma, although it is not made with thyme essential oil, you can add some drops of thyme essential oil, and increase the benefits of this aroma, even to do good aromatherapy.

Thyme or thymus Vulgaris, is a plant traditionally used in food to add a delicious taste to dishes and to make tea to improve the defenses of our body. Thyme had a lot of uses throughout history, for example, it was used in old practices of embalming, and helped with the treatment of respiratory problems. 

Benefits of thyme essential oil

Thyme is one of the essential oils most used in the alimentary and cosmetic industry, but we have to be careful with the use of this essential oil since thyme oil has a high thymol concentration, which means that the direct application on the skin, could be prejudicial like irritation even can cause damage on the respiratory tract, so you must have to dilute with other oils. 

There are a lot of benefits of this oil, but there are some examples and uses of thyme essential oil:

  • Good to improve the defenses of your body.
  • With a diffuser, you can use it like insect repellent.
  • It has an uplifting aroma, perfect to use in the office.
  • Promote the good looking of your skin, and use it when you have acne cases, with its anti-inflammatory properties it will help. 
  • It is a powerful cleaner since its antiseptic properties, use it to clean floors, walls, and windows.
  • Relieves with success symptoms of atopic dermatitis.
  • It is used as a home remedy for cough and bronchitis, you can smell it through a diffuser or drink an infusion.

As you see, thyme essential oil has a lot of benefits, especially for health care, so it is always a good idea that you count on one in your first aid kit. 

Thyme essential oil side effects

As we said, Thyme oil has high concentrations of thymol, which can irritate the skin and respiratory tract, it also can be corrosive, so it is important to be careful if you use a 100% pure essential oil.

As any essential oil, you must have proven it before any use, to avoid allergic reactions, and consult your doctor before anything that has an effect on your health.

In the case of white tea and thyme aroma oil, you do not have problems with side effects, since it is only an aroma oil, if you add some drops of essential oil, you have to dilute it, but in the case of aroma oil, it is not necessary.   

Now the other part of our fragrance, the white tea, offers a sweet and herbal aroma that is very popular in commercial use, especially in hotels, that use it like a commercial aroma, since it gives a fresh, clean, and delicious sensation, the idea is feeling like you are in your home.

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Benefits of white tea aroma

Tea, in general, is one of the most important and popular in Japan, China, and India, since millenary cultures have proven all the benefits that tea has to our physical and mental health.

There are a lot of varieties of tea, white tea is not really popular as other types of tea, such as black tea and green tea, but we already know a lot of benefits that white tea has for us, as a drink, white tea could be anti-inflammatory, have a lot of antioxidants (it is the tea with the higher level of antioxidants), and helps to reduce cortisol, the hormone that produces stress.

White tea is obtained from the more tender plant shoots, when there is little white hair that covers them, you take the leaves, wither naturally and then dry them. 

White tea, as a plant, has a lot of benefits, but we want to talk about aroma since our aroma oil, could have white tea extract, but can not be ingested.

  • White tea aroma is perfect in cases of high stress or anxiety, since offers a calm sensation, so is perfect to use in your room or living room to have a completely relaxing experience.
  • White tea aroma help to fall asleep faster, and have a repairer sleep.
  • It is an elegant aroma, so you can use it in your business, especially if elegance is one of your brand values. 
  • You can use it as an insect repellent like thyme oil.
  • People that feel anxious about travel, can apply some drops on their wrists and smell them, remember that you buy oil with travel presentation, to carry everywhere. 
  • Add some drops to your pet’s shampoo, the aroma helps to avoid fleas and ticks.
  • White tea aroma neutralizes bad odors, use it with a diffuser in your home.    
  • Use a container with baking soda and some drops of the aroma and it helps to absorb bad odors on your fridge.    

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With the different benefits of both aromas and oils, you can know the benefits of our white tea and thyme aroma oil.

The application of this oil can be in all areas that you want and it depends on the objective of the room, and how is the environment that you want to create, starting with aroma.

We recommend this aroma to

  • Living rooms.
  • Principal rooms (where you sleep).
  • Offices.
  • Businesses with brands that want to express elegance, balance, and calm. 
  • Places where you need insect repellent with a good aroma and no side effects. 
  • In general, places where you want to feel an aroma that offers calm and other benefits.   

Puro Sentido is an olfactory brand that develops different aroma oils that are designed with different objectives and the creation of aromas that make completely new environments starting with aroma.

We work to create aromas that you can use to have a beautiful home experience every day, we want that you take a break in your life to relax and focus on other things, like aromas, that transmit relaxing sensations and a connection with nature.  

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