Rosemary essential oil, how to use it?


Rosemary essential oil, how to use it?

First, we have to differentiate the rosemary oil from rosemary essential oil.

The oil is a vegetal oil that absorbs the properties of the rosemary, while the essential oil is distilled from the rosemary.

The essential oils are very concentrated substances, they have the plant properties but in a high power, that is why the essential oil has to be used in small quantities and with care.  

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Rosemary oil benefits

Rosemary oil uses for hair

  • This oil has a lot of benefits for hair, it helps to care and clean and improves capillary health.
  • It does not matter the type of your hair, you can use it to activate the blood circulation, promote the hair growth, and helps to clean the roots with dandruff.
  • For these white hairs, you can use rosemary oil to hide them, without chemicals, that is for the pigmenting properties that will unify the natural color of your hair.

Mix a rosemary infusion with two drops of the essential oil, then wash and brush your hair, use it for five days in a row, then let it rest for two days.

  • You can use a rosemary shampoo to stimulating the hair growth, prevent hair loss, and it will look stronger and healthier.

Mix two or three drops of the oil on your shampoo and massage the roots, then wash it.

  • To avoid the hair loss, you can mix a cup of warm olive oil with one drop of rosemary essential oil and two little branches of this plants, let it rest to feel that the temperature is lowing, then apply the mix on your hair, involve it on a towel, let it for a half of hour, and wash it.
  • If you want to mix it to have better results, massage the scalp with rosemary and almond essential oils, the changes will surprise you.  
  • You can apply diluted drops of rosemary oil on your eyebrows and lashes to prevent its fall and stimulate its growth.

Rosemary oil for mouth

  • You can use it like mouthwash, that is why it has antibacterial properties and a nice freshness. In a small cup of water, add one little drop of the oil and mix it.
  • Thanks to its antiseptic and bactericidal properties, this oil is used to avoid the cavities and have better health of your mouth.

Rosemary oil for pains, muscle cramps or menstrual colic

  • The rosemary oil has anti-inflammatory attributes, so you can apply two or the drops on the affected zone and do a massage, it will help you with the pain and the swelling.
  • What essential oil is good for headaches? With its anti-inflammatory properties, the rosemary oil is a good choice.

Rosemary essential oil for skin

  • It has a lot of components that are good antioxidants, these components help delay skin irritation or aging.
  • The oil brings elasticity, firmness and stimulates the activity and development of the cells. Mix it with almond oil and apply it on your skin every night.
  • This oil has minerals like calcium and iron that nourish the skin.
  • It is perfect for dry skin, because it contains fatty acids that retain the water and favor skin hydration.
  • Rosemary accelerates cell regeneration, that is why it is a good ally to get a better appearance of recent scars. 
  • If you have some skin problem, like dermatitis, eczema, or psoriasis, you can clean the area very well, then apply a little drop of oil on your skin and let it dry.

Rosemary oil like anti-inflammatory and antiseptic

  • There are a lot of rosemary oil health benefits, but one of the most interesting is the anti-inflammatory properties that you can use in cases like swollen joints or bumps, rheumatism or arthritis pain.
  • This oil is perfect for relaxing massages, its smell helps to relax and the comfort and anti-inflammatory benefits the skin and muscles will be grateful to you.
  • It decreases the transmission and activity of the virus and bacteria, that is why it is good to use it on a diffuser to keep the environment safe. 

Rosemary oil for mental health

  • The smell of this plant stimulates the nervous system, decrease the stress hormone.
  • Improve the cerebral circulation and oxygenation, which means that you will have more concentration, knowledge retention and better memory.
  • You can use this essential oil for dogs that can receive aromatherapy. If you want to know more about essential oil for pets, click here.
  • It can be used to prevent depression, anxiety, Alzheimer and other mental problems. 
  • If you add some drops to a warm bath, you will have a relaxing environment that lets you rest both physically and mentally for a while.
  • If you use rosemary essential oil for aromatherapy, it will help you to have a better sleep.

For better results, you can mix it with lavender essential oil, if you want to know more about these oil, we recommend: Lavender essential oil, everything you need to know 

Contraindications of the rosemary oil

Some essential oils can not be ingested, so check well before using it as food.

Do not eat in large quantities, more in pregnant women, children or people with mental illness.

People that have high tension can’t eat it because, the tension could increase.

Use on aromatherapy, that is to say, on a diffuser, does not have contraindications known.

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