Sensory marketing: Petland a success story

Sensory marketing: Petland and its success story

Petland is one of those businesses that needed a new experience to their customers, to make the family grow.

Petland has benefits if you want to acquire your pet, you will have:

  • Health certificate and all vaccines
  • All puppies have a microchip ready to be activated
  • Pedigree of three generations
  • And others

How long do adoptions take?  It depends on the family, the family pet care, the level of commitment they demonstrate and the relation that they could have with the pet, that is why it was pertinent to accelerate this process.

They know that not all people are ready to have that responsibility, that is why they match personalities with lifestyles, so you have the perfect family.

All those people who have a pet or have ever had one, know the importance of its presence in our lives, to have a pet is to have a new member in our family.

Petland works to turn those animals into new members of your family, and Puro Sentido was part of this beautiful moment.

Petland is a company created in 1967 that offers pet adoption services, giving a lot of pets the opportunity to have an adoptive family full of love and care.

That is why Puro Sentido, a sensory marketing brand, that offers experiences that create the brand identity, worked with petland, to improve the brand personality.

Which was the objective? 

Petland found to implement in their franchises a stimulation that generates trust, comfort and provokes emotions that make the customers fall in love with some pet, and the pets be happy all time and feel comfortable while a family loves it.

They needed a solution to support future families in the pet adoption process and create a sensation of a friendly, efficient and safe environment.

They wanted to have better sensory communication with their customers, and a strategy that was replicable in other facilities and future service points, but they did not know the best solution.

It is At this moment that they contact us.

Our principal challenge was to make or develop an environment with a comforting sensory space, both the families and pets, also that those environments transmit the brand values without making anyone feel uncomfortable and have a better flow of interested people and adopted pets.

First step

To reach the objective, first we have to know the brand and its values to know which sensory marketing strategy will fit perfectly with their needs and their customers.

In this first step, we have to talk with the marketing team, visit the points of service, know the workers and the dynamics that they have with the customers and the pets.

Second step

To help Petland, we decided to implement an olfactory strategy, with our olfactory equipment (essential oil scent diffuser) based on a methodology that lets us develop a pleasant scent for both the families and pets. 

We start to make proves, to know where to place the devices, and where it looks good, and do not annoy the pets.

Third Step

After the study of the values of the brand, we select the perfect mix of fragrances that awaken the specific emotions referred to by our client.

The emotions that represent the brand personality was:

  • Happiness
  • Comfort
  • Warmth
  • Security

Our fragrances selected to expose those values and emotions were:

Green tea

This is a citrus smell, lemony, mentholated and fresh. It has warm notes, conveys comfort, and it makes you remember those summer days.
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This smell has relaxing qualities, is warm, transmits calm and protection, and is very common on aroma therapies, it is perfect to make the pets feel comfortable and quiet. 

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The scents that we used are pet friendly, if you want to know more about safe essential oils for pets, click here.

Fourth step

After the implementation of the strategy with aroma diffusers, we have to wait for the results of every action that we did, study the results, and make corrections if it is necessary.


Before the intervention of Puro Sentido, Petland started in the Florida State, with three points of service; now there are eleven direct shops, and have presence in Kansas, Texas, and Florida.

Petland is distinguished to be the only experience of the adoption and veterinary service, and Puro Sentido developed this successful strategy.

The increase and success of Petland represents and shows one of the benefits of the use of an olfactory marketing strategy, if you apply correctly, based on professional strategies, you can generate a sales increase, positioning, good engagement and more adoptions, in this case.

That is why in Puro Sentido we feel so proud of these results, to be part of the growth of Petland and other brands that worked with us.

Thanks to Petland, we are sure that, with the experiences that we created for you, you will continue to grow much more.

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