Benefits of Puro Sentido Santal Aroma oil


Scent design is one of the most relevant and important areas of Puro Sentido's activities, since offering exclusive fragrances is one of the main objectives, so that you can convert your spaces, and transform the ambiance of any place to give it a personalized touch. 

The creation of aromas is born from the study of natural aromas, and their alignment with the sensations we want to create. 

All this from the professional knowledge of the multiple scents and the definition of an objective, which can start from the creation of a relaxing atmosphere, to the definition of the personality of a space and person with the aroma. 

What is Santal Aroma Oil?

An aroma oil is an aromatic product that can be of natural, synthetic or artificial origin, that fulfills a strict aroma or perfume function, which can be used at any time.

It should be understood that an aromatic essence does not contain any active ingredient that could mean a therapeutic or biological property additional to the aroma linked to the original product. 

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In other words, an aromatic essence has the function of aromatizing or perfuming. They can also be called perfume or essence.

In the case of Santal aroma oil created by Puro Sentido, this is an aroma created to obtain an atmosphere that is based on the enjoyment of the environment by the people who have the pleasure of living it. 

Santal Aroma Oil

This oil scent evokes natural top notes such as sandalwood, cardamom, and others that bring elegance such as papyrus; as secondary notes, violet, and iris that provide a sense of comfort and comfort and finally, come the aromas that bring more personality, the woody reminiscent of cedar and the strength of leather and amber.

This aroma brings a strong personality, but its main notes have beneficial effects, so that in addition to an improved environment, you can enjoy the best effects that one has to perceive our Santal. 

Benefits of Santal 

Using Santal aromatic oil can have some benefits on your mood, as the aromas can have a positive effect on the environment.

The ingredients used in the creation of Santal, have been thought to evoke positive memories, and create pleasant environments.

Regarding the ingredients, separately they can represent multiple benefits, these can be some of them: 

Sandalwood scent 

Sandalwood aroma is obtained from the distillation of the wood of the sandalwood tree, this depends on the resulting product, since the obtaining of aromatic oil can be from the vaporization of the roots and heartwood of the wood.   

Natural fungicide

It is used to eliminate fungi, since it penetrates deeply into the surface and acts from the inside, which is much more effective than other artificial chemical products. Also, being antiseptic, it avoids possible infections.


Its relaxing properties act effectively, with very good results, to induce sleep. These relaxing properties help to mediate in the treatment of stress and anxiety, helping to create a sense of inner peace that cannot be created in any other way. 

Also, depending on the combination with other scents, it can be an uplifting scent, be stimulating, and create a high mood, because it revitalizes energies, helps negative feelings to flow, and then leave.   


Besides having the ability to relax, it has an effect of nervous regulators, which activate the most sensitive areas of our body, among which are those responsible for perceiving pleasure, lending itself as a natural aphrodisiac.

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Cedarwood Scent

Like sandalwood scent, cedarwood scent is obtained from the wood of the cedar tree.

In the case of the aromatic oil, it is extracted by distillation from the vaporization of the wood.  

Increased vitality

Cedarwood scent can provide an extra boost of vitality by promoting a sense of well-being.

The warm, woody notes of cedar help create an atmosphere of positivity and increased self-esteem. 

That's why it's the ideal scent for working out, trying on clothes or before an important event so you arrive with the best attitude. 

This scent enhances feelings of confidence and reinforces an atmosphere of intimacy. 

Promotes emotional balance

This scent promotes emotional balance, making it a good scent to diffuse at the end of a long day or when you want to create a relaxing atmosphere. Cedarwood has calming properties for both the mind and body.

With cedarwood, you can relax and calm your mind, reduce physical tensions, blood pressure, and help relax your body, making it the ideal scent for a stressful day or environments that are continually tense. 

Among the benefits for the home, the scent of cedar, can be anti-mosquito or repellent, both for space and for the skin, purify the air, that is, it is perfect to neutralize bad odors from the bathroom, or cigarette smoke. 

Papyrus scent

Although the scent of papyrus is not obtained naturally, it also has several benefits for those who smell it.

This scent has notes reminiscent of an antique and pleasant ambiance, creating a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

The scent of papyrus has benefits on mood, stimulates the imagination, emotional balance, helps you connect with the present, and stimulates meditation on our feelings, to manage them wisely. 

In conclusion, we can say that our Santal aromatic oil can increase the feeling of well-being and creates the right environment to meditate, to know oneself better and increase self-esteem, to generate a suitable atmosphere to raise self-love, and to encourage a more intimate relationship with other people.

These are sensations that you can keep in your intimacy or share them with someone, to create a more intimate atmosphere and create eternal memories.

Santal focuses on relaxation, or creating a boost of energy, so that it can be used anywhere in your home. 

We are Puro Sentido an aroma and essential oil company, we create and distribute aroma oils, essential oil 100% natural, and aroma diffusers of the highest quality. Know our products and quality essential oils in our online store. 

The home experience can be as pleasurable as you want it to be every day, and we're here to let you know that and develop scents that make it happen. 

Let yourself be drawn into the life you want to live, the one that makes sense to you, where peace of mind and space for relaxation reigns, where you meditate on your success. 

Allow yourself to feel so good that you feel like sharing it with others, create the best memories with the people you love. 

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