Are Aroma Diffusers Safe? How To Choose The Best


Aroma diffusers are very popular tools when it comes to aromatherapy, as they are elegant and effective devices that spread aromas in spaces.

Are aroma diffusers safe? The answer is...

Definitely yes! Of course, it must have some care, like any technological device, in fact some diffusers that work with water, have the respective security measures to avoid accidents.

One of the risks is not the use of diffusers but the essential oils or essences used in it, since some people can be very sensitive or create allergic reactions to these products, we recommend to check which products you will use with the diffuser to avoid discomfort.

Of course, you must take into account the quality of the device, a regular brand diffuser can mean accidents, disasters or a significant loss of money, that is why you should look for a reliable brand, with which you feel safe and know that you are buying a quality product, which also helps your space stand out with elegance.

The question about the safety of diffusers comes from the myths that surround it, that is why we will tell you all about diffusers, and even what essences you can use, so you can create perfect environments in your home without insecurities.  

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All you need to know about aroma diffusers

What is an aroma diffuser?  

Diffusers are devices used to disperse essential oils in an environment, whether large or small.

They go further than air fresheners, since they work with an ultrasound technology that helps to spread the aroma in the desired environment, they only need to be connected to electricity and programmed according to time and schedules.

In Puro Sentido, we develop aroma diffuser equipment of the latest technology, which will adapt perfectly to any area of the home with elegance and effectiveness.

We look for the technology that best suits your needs, so we develop equipment that can be precisely programmed to define a schedule of use or intervals of operation, this in order to help you save both energy and money.

The way of use depends on the diffuser, as we mentioned before, there are some that work with water and dilute some drops of the aroma or essential oil to be used, and others that are used only with the oil.

In the case of Puro Sentido diffusers, they work directly with the oil, to obtain a stronger and more enjoyable aroma. 

If you ask how to use an aroma diffuser, here are the basic functionalities of some of our diffusers. 

  • Divisi Diffuser: Touch screen, you can choose the mode suitable for you to control, more intelligent, the test is performed at a frequency of working for 300s and stopping for 10s, and the consumption is about 2.7ml of aroma oil per hour.}
  • Portato Diffuser: converts aroma oil into dry vaporous microparticles, evenly scenting any environment in minutes, no residue, fragrance intensity control, Automatic timing function, easy installation, and you can use and program it through the app.
  • Allegro Aroma Diffuser: 4 intensity levels, app control version and automatic light control mode, it does not require water for its operation, you may use pure essential oils or blends directly into the aroma diffuser, Bluetooth Technology, so can be connected and programmed through your cell phone to adjust time and intensity.

We also count with commercial aroma diffusers, learn more about our diffusers here.

How to choose the best aroma diffuser according to your spaces 

Where can you install your diffuser? 

This depends on the installation possibilities of the diffuser, you can install it on the wall or simply place it on a table.

The benefit of Puro Sentido diffusers is that no matter where you place them, they will look elegant in the space and their functionalities will not be affected.

The placement of the diffuser of your choice will depend on where you want to create a good ambiance from the aromas.

In the following section, we will recommend spaces to place your aroma diffuser and our recommended scents to create an enjoyable atmosphere. 

Aroma for Living Room 

Living rooms are usually large places, so we recommend the use of powerful diffusers, such as the Portato diffuser, so that the aroma reaches all corners of the space and adds a touch of modernity to the decoration of your room.

Among the recommended essences, without a doubt our Hotel Scent aroma, with which you will bring elegance and style to your space; Portofino, which is designed to print a personal touch to your spaces, perfect to leave a mark on the people who visit you; Prosperity, if the environment you want to create stands out for elegance and visitors are the priority of the night. On the essential oil side, we recommend citrus oils for aroma diffuser such as bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, and orange.

Aroma for Kitchen 

In the kitchen, we recommend small aroma diffusers, since the main space must be for our delicious preparations.

In the same way, you can use the diffuser at its maximum power, and let the delicious aroma of an essential oil mix with the preparation that your visitors will love.

To achieve the effect, we recommend natural aromas of herbs that represent well-being. A good oil for aroma diffuser that you can use is rosemary, tree tea, basil, rosemary or cinnamon leaf.

Aroma for bedrooms

The rooms (especially the main room) are the ideal place to perform aromatherapy, as they are the rest area, where relaxation and sleep are the most important factors, so using essential oils diffuser is the best option. .

There is no set size for the diffuser, but if it is important that you have one that has programming features, both automatic and manual, once you sleep, you can turn off your diffuser to save both energy and oil and the aroma will last over time.

The soft and relaxing aromas are ideal for aroma diffusers, essential oils like lavender essential oil takes number one, as it is well known for its relaxing properties, which help to fall asleep and reduce anxiety, on the other hand we have the oil of tea tree, eucalyptus, thyme red and geranium.

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At Puro Sentido we want you to create unique spaces, that is why you can find this and more recommendations on our blog.

If you want to purchase any of our products, visit our online store and learn about the products that we mention on the blog and many more.

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