How to choose perfect fragrances for home?

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We know that the aroma is an important part of the sensation of cleanliness and comfort inside our home. Even after a hard day, the aroma in your home can change your humor.

Choosing an aroma could be easy if you already know the effect that the aroma has on your feelings, but sometimes it is good to go out of our comfort zone, and explore new aromas and mixes of aromas that will fit perfectly with your personality and the aesthetic of your home. 

There are a lot of ways to include delicious aromas inside your home, even you can do it yourself, like soaps, candles, potpourri and others, but the way that we recommend, is using diffusers in each room of the house to create different atmospheres and enjoy your spaces with different moods.

We designed a step to step, to help you to choose the perfect aroma. 

Choose the means by you want to aromatize your home  

As we said, you can access various methods to enjoy the aroma inside your home, here are some examples: 


This is the easiest way to create your own scent, also, the scented candles can be a good decorative piece, and are perfect to have a relaxing and romantic environment.

The problem with the candles is that it takes more time to do the effect and fill the environment with the aroma, also it is dangerous to keep it lit without supervision.
Our recommendation is to turn on the candle when you are in your home, and use an appropriate candle holder.  

Bamboo air freshener

Is one of the most popular ways to extend the aromas inside the rooms. This could be decorative too, and its effect is faster than the candles, in general you can find a little jar with the fragrance and some bamboo sticks that absorb the fragrance and extend it inside the room. Is a durable product, but its effect is better inside middle or small rooms.  


The sprays are very common in the houses, there are a lot of fragrances for the home in the market. The sprays let you apply the aroma to your liking, and in a faster way, if you are in a hurry and need good aroma in your environment. The problem with the sprays, is that some sprays are very pollutant and the effect is not durable.  

Home scent machine

This is our favorite option, because it is reusable, has more duration and you can use that aroma that you want and change it at any moment, that is to say, you can try more fragrances with the time without the waste that you can generate with the other methods.

Is important that you know how to choose the best diffuser according to your lifestyle, and how to clean home air to enjoy all the benefits of your diffuser. You can use your aroma diffuser to increase the humidity in the environment and have your own aromatherapy session in your home. 

Define what are the aromas that better fits with the environment that you want. 

You can choose a unique fragrance to all home of find different fragrances to every room in your home, if you prefer different aromas, there we have some recommendations: 

  • To the entrance to the house: the perfect feeling is when you go to a home, and you feel a warm and welcome sensation. To create these feelings, you can use fruity and floral aromas, like orange, vanilla and rosemary.
  • In the living room: If you want to create a sophisticated environment, use woody aromas, or custom fragrances like oak and lemon to create a warm but clean environment.         
  • In the main room: If you need a relaxed atmosphere use lavender and vanilla, but if you want something more romantic, you can use cinnamon and some floral notes.
  • To children’s rooms: Use sweet aromas based on fruits, like watermelon, strawberry tangerine, orange or melon.
  • In the kitchen: You can use peppermint, rosemary or oregano, aromas that fit well with the aromas of the meals.
  • To the bathroom: The best way to always have the cleanest sensations is use fresh aromas like cucumber, pine or lemon.

Start to experiment with the aromas and the notes of fragrances 

An important advice: always choose the same brand of aromas, since you can find three fragrances of orange that could smell different, so if you want to experiment with the notes of the fragrances, keep the same aromas and you always have the same aroma that you prepare.

Having the perfect aroma for your home is a mixing game, know your tastes and what fits with the decoration and the environment that you want to create.

To find quality and delicious aromas with all the style and sophistication, go to our online shop.    

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    I have the allegro diffuser and the Victory scent and I love them. Both items are perfect for home and office.
    Also I have many other fragrances from Puro Sentido, one of my favorites is Lavender French, which I enjoy in the car where I have a perfect small diffuser as well.

    Thank you Puro Sentido

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